11 Work from Home Cybersecurity Tips for Employees

The recent changes in work styles experienced by many businesses and individuals due to the coronavirus pandemic have put a heavy burden on the IT departments and technological structures of these companies. Working from home is becoming more and more popular among employees because they believe they are more productive. Moreover, they do not need to commute for a long time to work and distracting factors do not have much influence on their work efficiency.

How To Boost Your Sales with Twitter

Do you want to promote your business on Twitter but don't understand the platform's algorithms? We've collected seven types of tweets that will increase sales, traffic, and brand awareness. Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users. For this reason, Twitter is the most demanded platform for business, as it provides a great list of potential customers.

Ten Reasons Why you Should go to the Marketplace With Your Product Now

Selling products in the marketplace requires online sellers to look for effective ways to reach their potential customers. Having fine products and services is one thing and availing them to your customers is another. How you present your brand determines the success of your enterprise based on whether the customers are satisfied or not. After establishing a great business, take time to go to the marketplace with your best offering. Here are ten reasons why you should do so.

How to Write a Marketing Strategy for Your Business Plan

As a business owner, you need a long-term plan that guarantees the continuity of your brand. It should be a customized marketing strategy that aligns with the products you sell and your specific business model. And your goal should be to establish a sustainable approach to sell your products and services to qualified customers. This is the surefire way of running a successful business that grows exponentially and has a solid connection with its customers.

How To Recover Data from a Corrupted SD Card

Almost everyone has a smartphone and regularly using its features to do everyday chores. An SD card is a valuable commodity used with smartphones, digital cameras, dash cams, and almost every digital device we use every day. The SD cards are used to store our favorite pictures, documents, videos, audio, and other important files. However, we often experience technical issues with SD cards and lose all of the data stored in them. A corrupted SD card often creates lots of problems.

4 Effective Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Tips

CRO (conversion rate optimization) is currently one of the most popular topic in eCommerce marketing today. Over time, marketers have found the practice of modifying certain website elements and testing them to prove their effectiveness in their toolset. For example, the red CTA button on an eCommerce website is proved to be more effective than a blue button upon split testing. That's how CRO works.

5 Tactics to Take Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy to The Next Level

Setting up and running an e-commerce website is time-consuming and requires careful planning. You need to identify a brand, analyze the competition, understand your audience and design a website that will yield results. Many marketers focus on the initial stages of an e-commerce website launch without considering what to do after launching the site. If you have done the basics such as SEO and paid search, but are not getting the desired results, consider implementing the following tactics.

5 Ways to Secure School Networks

If you're working as an IT specialist in a K-12 school or a university, odds are that you've seen your fair share of cyberattack attempts. Cybersecurity intrusions have become a major point of contempt in academic institutions in 2020 due to a majority of schoolwork being shifted to remote platforms.

Pros and Cons of Getting a MacBook

MacBook is a Macintosh laptop designed and developed by Apple. In the highly competitive market, the brand can maintain a consistent reputation by producing some of the best devices in the world. The current lineup includes the MacBook Pro (2006 to present) and MacBook Air (2008 to present). The latest MacBook integrates the Apple M1 system on a chip which will make these devices even more productive. Though the modern systems come with the best in class software and hardware specifications, similar to any other product, they also have a set of advantages and disadvantages.