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The gaming market has been on the rise consistently. North America and Asia Pacific accounts the two largest gaming regions and accounts roughly 78% of the entire market in terms of revenue. Amongst all the games offered, online gaming is gaining popularity with ever-growing Internet. There are thousands of online games, and more are introduced every day. The following online games make the top 10 list.

Top 20 Online Games

Among the thousands of online games, League of Legends and Minecraft are top standouts. Here are a list of top 10, and their rank moves up or down slightly on a weekly basis.

  1. Minecraft
  2. League of Legends
  3. Hearthstone: Heros of Warcraft
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  5. Fortnite
  6. Overwatch
  7. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege
  8. Call of Duty: Warzone
  9. Dota 2
  10. World of Warcraft
  1. Diablo 4
  2. Among Us
  3. Apex Legends
  4. Hearthstone
  5. Rocket League
  6. Roblox
  7. Destiny 2
  8. Grand Theft Auto Online
  9. PUBG: Battlegrounds
  10. Clash of Clans

The best VPN for online gaming

There are a variety of reason why you might want to opt-in to use VPN while gaming. You may be banned by the game server, or you may want to protect your privacy while playing games online. Game servers keep track of the players by their profile, and also by public IP Address of the computer. Regardless of whether you want to work around the IP Ban, geographic censorship, or protecting your online identity; using a VPN will help you protect your privacy while playing online games. The VPN also allows you to hide IP address or change IP address of the device you're playing game on.

There is a multitude of VPN providers from which you can choose VPN service. The gaming device requires fast response time and no latency. It's critical that the service you subscribe has a server near your location and fast enough to play games pleasantly.

Here are a few VPN providers we recommend:

For a full comparison and company reviews, please visit VPN Comparison page. You may also refer VPN Buyer's Guide.

Disclaimer: We receive compensation when a purchase is made from the referred link. Our recommendation is based on our research and positive feedback we received from the users who've used the services.

The internet is a fantastic gateway for gamers that allows them to cooperate and compete with others from all over the world. When considering the competitive side of online games, every second counts. That is why it can be so frustrating when a sudden slow connection causes you to miss that shot, be wiped out by an unseen opponent, or even disconnect entirely.

For ages now, games have been an essential component of human society. Games of many kinds have long captivated people, from the ancient Egyptian board game Senet to the contemporary video game Fortnite. Ever wonder, though, why some games hold our attention longer than others? We keep coming back for more of these games—what is it about them? Our investigation into the psychology of game attraction takes us deeper into the gaming world.

Imagine the digital ocean as a vast ocean, and in-game skins as the coveted pearls within it. You're on a quest to find these treasures, not just for bragging rights, but to potentially sell them to fellow enthusiasts across the globe. To navigate these waters, you'll need to understand the legal tides and the best platforms to dock your sales. With a bit of know-how on payment methods, you're almost ready to set sail. But wait, how long before you see the fruits of your labor? Stick around, and I'll show you how to master the art of trading these digital pearls.

Wouldn't you agree that those days were the time when all you could do with gaming was shoot spaceships or run through mazes with joysticks? Well, guess what? There is this buzz that is not only some history but also a promising return. This is not in the least about who provides the most luxurious graphics or the most complicated gameplay, but it is solely and exclusively about pure, true-to-life entertainment.

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