Which one is the best to choose in 2022: Java vs. Python vs .Net

Most web or mobile development companies face various dilemmas when they start a new project. One of the main dilemmas they face is selecting the right programming language.

If you check out, more than 600 programming languages are available in the market. Don't panic. You don't need to know all of them as not all languages suit your project.

The Challenges and Security Risks of Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices are one of the most talked about technological entities these days. The internet of things is expanding at an exponential rate with the introduction of smart appliances, smart home devices, and other smart devices. With new technology comes new challenges and vulnerabilities. From hacking to privacy and security, the smart home poses a number of risks for consumers. This article will cover the challenges and risks of smart home systems and how to mitigate them.

SaaS Security: Complete Guide on Issues & Best Practices

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications and products reside in cloud structures which is a boon in disguise due to their price affordability and ease to use. These benefits make the cloud environment more desirable, but security issues related to the cloud infrastructure are a growing concern amongst SaaS providers. In many cases, these issues are either ignored or unaddressed which is a huge risk for SaaS app data.

How To Secure Your IP-Based Physical Security Tools Using Cybersecurity

According to a study performed by IBM, it takes 280 days to find and contain a cybersecurity attack. You need to implement cybersecurity to ensure your IP-based physical security tools remain impervious to cyber threats.

How do you secure your IP-based physical security tools using cybersecurity? Keep reading to learn about the best methods, tips, and security tools to protect your physical security with cybersecurity.

7 Reasons Not to Use a Free VPN

You might want to use a VPN for many reasons. Maybe, you want to stream TV shows and movies that aren't available in your country. Maybe, you want to get past censorship and access, let's say, Wikipedia in China. Or, maybe, you just care about your privacy and don't want trackers to be collecting data about you and feeding it to targeted advertising.

Identity Management Solutions Showdown (HelloID, CyberArk, OneLogin:)

Identity management is also called Identity and Access Management (IAM). Identity Management Solutions manages user identities and their respective access to company resources. All this is handled with the help of a detailed process for preventing unauthorized access to a company's technology such as an enterprise's hardware resources, networks, servers, storage devices, software, and data.

How Having a Mobile Responsive eCommerce Site Impacts SEO

Apart from fast page load speed, stable web performance, and effective marketing strategies, eCommerce websites should also load properly on all devices. This is where a responsive web design comes into play. With it, mobile users can see all site content clearly and navigate through web pages easily, whether they use a tablet, desktop, or smartphone.

The 5 Most Common IP Threats to Your Business

There are many types of IP threats to your business, but the most prevalent are Remote Access Trojans and Phishing. This article outlines some of the best ways to protect your IP.

Keep reading for more information! In addition, you'll learn about Insider Threats, Remote Access Trojans, and Trojans/Malware. If your business has multiple IPs, there are many ways to protect them.