5 Things You Need to Know About Investing in Bitcoin

With a more than 150% increase in the past few years, cryptocurrencies are becoming widely popular in today’s digital world. Bitcoin is one of the first modern-age cryptocurrencies that operate online. Since the governments of many countries have not granted legal status to cryptocurrency, it is quite difficult to predict anything about Bitcoin or its future.

Best REST API Security Practices To Mitigate Data Breaches

Securing your REST API is slowly becoming as important as the API itself. While these REST APIs are a mere architectural network, they play a crucial role in structuring apps requiring the use of a modern web framework. Also referred to as a RESTful web server, a REST API plays a vital role for programmers while developing applications that would allow communication over the internet or other networks.

AI Modernizing Business: How Artificial Intelligence Boosts Your Workflow

Before the revolutionary technology we have access to today, business-related tasks consumed more of our time. One of the most valuable things we have is time. With the assistance of AI technology, business workers have been able to boost their workflows. Artificial intelligence has modernized business practices, giving entrepreneurs and employees newfound capabilities. This is how AI technology is enhancing business practices in multiple work-related realms.

Traffic Encryption: How to Encrypt Your Internet Connection

Encrypting traffic is a vital part of staying safe when navigating the internet. Whether you wish to keep personal information private, secure your financial details, or just remain anonymous, traffic encryption is an essential part of everyday internet use. In this article, we will show you how to encrypt your internet traffic with confidence.

Easy Way to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

DIY Home automation or smart homes are the waves of the future. By doing home automation tasks yourself, you can not only save money, but you also get to choose the features and devices that best suit your needs. Plus, with a little bit of know-how, you can probably do it yourself in just a few hours.