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What is Z-Wave?

With home & industrial automation slowly getting prominence across the globe, the efficiency of supporting infrastructure to perform as desired plays a significant role. Just like Zigbee, Z-Wave is one such protocol which supports communication between smart devices. Z-Wave relies on Radio Frequency (RF) for performing signaling and controlling operations.[..]

How does ZigBee Work?

With a plethora of high data rate communication standards not suitable for communicating with sensors and actuators, a system designer primarily looks for a standard to work effectively with low-power requirements and low-latency. Though it was initially built as an alternative to Bluetooth because of its inefficacy to work in certain applications, ZigBee is best suited for IoT devices including industrial automation, embedded systems, home automation, etc.[..]

What is smart homes?

Due to the advancement in network technology, a trend in “Smart Homes” has developed allowing users to control each device remotely in their home. In this article, we will define what a Smart Home is, what technologies are used, and how this can be advantageous to homeowners.[..]