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Phishing scams have become a persistent threat at home and work. Scammers use email, text, and social media messaging to trick individuals into sharing sensitive information. A phishing scam can lead to identity theft and other severe consequences. Phishing messages often appear to come from valid sources. The message may appear to be coming directly from your bank, PayPal, or Venmo. But in reality, scammers send messages to commit cybercrimes against unsuspecting victims.

In the era where digital interconnectivity has become a standard part of life, the internet serves as a vital tool for both personal and professional purposes. However, this increasing dependence on digital platforms has ushered in a significant challenge: the persistent threat of internet fraud. They even created ecommerce fraud prevention companies for this purpose.

Businesses today are facing challenges related to security, terrorism, and an ever-changing environment. The government and other agencies all over the globe introduce new regulations that pose challenges and safeguard the public's safety for economic growth. KYC Compliance streamlines process reduces risks, and fosters trust among businesses. It guarantees the safety, and confidentiality of financial transactions and guards against fraud for customers as well as business owners.

In the modern digital age, documentation holds importance. Digital document verification can be easily done by automated tools at a large scale. Document forgery can result in financial losses to the business, and it can be reduced or prevented by some techniques and advanced technology. Document forgery detection is important to minimize any financial crime or theft.