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How to Protect Your Email Account from Being Hacked

The modern world brings us a lot of benefits, yet it also requires modern solutions for all challenges it offers along the way. Just as we put a lock on our front door and set up the alarm system at home, we must also take care of our digital security as well. Although an email account is one of the oldest types of personal accounts online, they can still be attacked by hackers to be used for a variety of reasons, which include stealing your personal data and stored information, as well as getting access to your ongoing communication.

4 Ingenious Email Marketing Campaign Examples

When it comes to marketing, email has always been one of the oldest, time-tested channels used for promoting brands, products, and services. Nevertheless, though it has been used as a marketing tool for ages, there still is a certain lack of understanding of the importance of email in terms of marketing. And, there is even less understanding of how to use this tool correctly.

How to Import EML to Outlook: Automatic and Manual Ways

Users who migrate between mail clients want to avoid data distortion and loss. Unfortunately, due to format distinctions, this is a challenge. If you are thinking of moving your messages from Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, or other applications that use EML, discover the most efficient ways below.

Diversity and Inclusion: Employment Priority in 2021

Diversity and inclusiveness is a trend that companies paid attention to back in 2020, but in 2021 its effect has only increased. 2021 is the year when organizations focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Many leaders have set themselves the following goals:

How Language Skills Can Help You to Become a Successful Email Marketer

Marketing through email is a vital part of any business. Whether you're targeting consumers or companies, it takes many responsibilities to get the job done smoothly and effectively – from launching campaigns & managing lists to nurturing leads.

The way you write an email can make or break your marketing efforts. One of the most important aspects that sets successful emails apart from those that don't convert is written and what tone is used. This article will give you some tips to help set up a winning strategy for your next email campaign with the help of language skills.

How to detect Email Scams?

An email is the easiest way for scammers to mass distribute "fake" messages to people, and it takes very minimal effort on their part. Email service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! do their due diligence and filter all suspicious emails but scammers are finding new ways to bypass such filters. As end-users, we must do our own due diligence and avoid all scams used by scammers to trick us.

What is a drip marketing?

Drip marketing is a marketing automation program used to nurture leads through email marketing, and acquire new customers. It involves sending a series of pre-built emails over a period of time to nurture prospects and build a brand. By sending multiple emails to the same prospects, your prospects will become familiar with your brand and bring them back into a sales funnel.

How to find someone's email address?

As a marketer, sometimes you may need to send a cold email for partnership, collaboration or simple connection to build a relationship. The key to success in cold emailing is finding the right contact's email address. You may dig through the corporate website or research social media, but the person you need to reach out may be difficult to find. Sending an email to a blind person will not get any job done as it will be ignored.

The Basics of Email

We used to send a letter by postal mail, and we're required to have the sender's name and address, the letter inside the envelope, and the recipient's name and address where postal service can deliver to. Electronic mail (or Email) has the same requirements with the added benefit of delivering it instantly. The FROM name and address are not required (or forged), but this is needed to bounce back if the recipient cannot be found. The MESSAGE can have text, attachments, or even left blank just like the postal mail. The TO address must be globally unique for a mailman to deliver the mail to the correct person. The SUBJET is a bonus only available on an email where you can glance, and organize it for immediate or later read.

What are different Email protocols?

When we speak about email accounts, there are multiple protocols which are involved. This can be extremely confusing if you are not aware of what protocols exist for emails. Also, each of this protocols performs slightly different functionality. The commonly used protocols are- IMAP, POP3, SMTP, and Exchange. These are few protocol types one would come across while accessing an email client. The protocol details can be accessed via the server settings based on the email client being used.

How to Trace the Source of an Email to Determine Its Legitimacy?

Users receive multiple emails on a daily basis, some work-related, some personal and others from unknown sources. Sometimes it can be difficult to know which of these emails are legitimate and which aren't. Have you ever received an email from the government requesting your Social Security Number, a payment company stating your card was declined, or a website that claimed you were a contest winner? If you've ever doubted the authenticity of these emails, you can track their source location. These types of emails are ones in which you should trace the source to find your answer. Tracing the source of an email can be very useful, especially for verification purposes. In this blog, we'll show you how.

Zoho Free Email Hosting

Are you looking for free email hosting for your personal domain or smaill business? Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook used to offer reliable and free email hosting on a custom domain, but they are no longer free. A viable alternative to Google Apps and Outlook is Zoho Mail, and you can have up to 5 free email accounts.

How to locate your email header?

To trace an email, you'll need to locate an email header that came with the email. Every email has email header and message body. An email may be going through a number of hops, and a header is appended with the IP address of the email server processing the email. When an email reaches the final destination, your email provider appends it's IP address to the header. The IP address of the very first header added to the email is the IP address of the sender's mail server.

Email Delivery Problems Explained

With ever growing number of spam emails flooding the Internet, more and more ISPs tighten their email filtering system to prevent spams delivered to their clients. It is virtually impossible to block even 50% of the spams arriving in a mail server, and there will always be false positives (legitimate emails filtered as spams). In an effort to reduce spam emails, the Federal Trade Commision (FTC) passed the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, but the Internet spam traffic is still on the rise.