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SaaS Security: Complete Guide on Issues & Best Practices

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications and products reside in cloud structures which is a boon in disguise due to their price affordability and ease to use. These benefits make the cloud environment more desirable, but security issues related to the cloud infrastructure are a growing concern amongst SaaS providers. In many cases, these issues are either ignored or unaddressed which is a huge risk for SaaS app data.

How To Secure Your IP-Based Physical Security Tools Using Cybersecurity

According to a study performed by IBM, it takes 280 days to find and contain a cybersecurity attack. You need to implement cybersecurity to ensure your IP-based physical security tools remain impervious to cyber threats.

How do you secure your IP-based physical security tools using cybersecurity? Keep reading to learn about the best methods, tips, and security tools to protect your physical security with cybersecurity.

The 5 Most Common IP Threats to Your Business

There are many types of IP threats to your business, but the most prevalent are Remote Access Trojans and Phishing. This article outlines some of the best ways to protect your IP.

Keep reading for more information! In addition, you'll learn about Insider Threats, Remote Access Trojans, and Trojans/Malware. If your business has multiple IPs, there are many ways to protect them.

How To Protect Yourself Against Internet Thieves

Phishing is a cyber-attack that uses a fake website or email to trick people into entering personal data.

They may ask people to download an attachment or prompt for login credentials to gain access to their accounts. Never download email attachments or enter login credentials without verifying the URL.

4 Reasons to Use a VPN in School

A new bill that limits ISPs' ability to track your browsing patterns in schools has generated debate about whether it is genuinely essential. If so, the law would be a success for privacy supporters, but it could be problematic for others who value their privacy. In recent years, ISPs have been accused of violating consumers' privacy and creating family maps based on their browsing behaviors. Despite the fact that the Senate bill does not require consent, the fact that it is merely a minor change may imply that it is insignificant.

Don't Be a Computer Virus Victim: 7 Tips for Avoiding Computer Viruses

Computer viruses have evolved over the years from the early days of mostly causing malicious damage to present-day sophisticated cybercrime which includes Worms and Trojans (that can steal passwords and other personal information) and Adware and Spyware that can report your internet behavior back to parent organizations.

Securing the Cloud Environment With a Zero-Trust Model

The rapid shift in hybrid working practices has significantly increased the integration of cloud environments within organizations. While it is admissible that the cloud does provide a rapid and efficient working environment, creating ease in data storage and transfer, cloud environments are not particularly secure.