How do you create a professional looking website?

If you're looking to build a website, your options are nearly endless. You may hire someone to develop one for you, use a website builder provided by a 3rd party company, or use a wizard based software tool that builds a website. If you're techie or willing to learn, you may even build one yourself with very little effort. How you mix and match these options depends on time, budget and your willingness.

The presentation of your website should be visually appealing and easy on the eyes, but more importantly convey the message to your visitors effectively. You do not want to distract your visitors with design of your website.

One area where you can outsource creating a professional looking website is web design. You will work very closely with a web designer to build a website that fits your budget and purpose.

To head start your website design, you'll need to use a theme for the platform you've chosen to develop your website on. There are hundreds or even thousands of themes available for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento of which some are free and others are commercial. Picking out right theme for your website will not only speed up your web developement but also build a professional and responsive website. There are a few template markets where you can purchase a theme that is right for you.

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