What is Content Management System?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a computer application made with the goal of managing and creating digital content. Typically, the program will be capable of supporting multiple users at once in a collaborative environment. As such, they are very popular and common programs used when businesses build an online presence.[..]

How to Generate Good SEO Keywords?

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) topics (also known as keywords) are a very common thing in today’s world which a lot of websites and blogs utilize to generate web traffic. These topics are different from other topics in that they utilize special keywords which are usually used in search engines. Because of this, these topics grant a high chance for the website which hosts them to appear on the results page of one of these searches; thus, increasing the chances of the website gaining web traffic. It is for this reason why many websites focus on publishing SEO topics; however, there are some who struggle to feasibly accomplish this.[..]

Cyberbullying Case Studies

With a number of social media platform cohesively blended into our lives, our online activities can be easily viewed by friends, acquaintances, and many strangers. Cyberbullying is harder to notice at times as unlike traditional bullying, it happens in the virtual world and there is a possibility that it might not happen in publicly accessible forums and groups. When someone is bullied in the cyberspace, the victim generally starts distancing himself or herself from the internet and avoids social activities and gatherings. Moreover, cyberbullying also leads to eating disorders and improper mental health. In this post, we will discuss two infamous cases of Amanda Todd and Tyler Clementi.[..]

How does ZigBee Work?

With a plethora of high data rate communication standards not suitable for communicating with sensors and actuators, a system designer primarily looks for a standard to work effectively with low-power requirements and low-latency. Though it was initially built as an alternative to Bluetooth because of its inefficacy to work in certain applications, ZigBee is best suited for IoT devices including industrial automation, embedded systems, home automation, etc.[..]

What is Kerberos?

In simplest words, Kerberos is an authentication protocol which can service requests over an untrusted network such as the Internet. Kerberos formed its name from Greek mythology which was a three-headed dog that guarded the gates of Hades. Similarly, in Kerberos authentication, we have three heads representing[..]

Why you should stay away from free VPN services

VPNs are a secure way to hide your geographic location and identity in order to access geo-blocked content. The most secure VPN services that can protect your privacy are normally sold. Protecting your online privacy and identity is very important especially if you are someone who likes torrenting and accessing geo-blocked content.[..]

What determines the speed of your internet?

There is really no one specific thing that you can say determines the speed of your internet connection because there are several players and components responsible to deliver internet to your PC or laptop. Internet speed is not just determined by the speed of your computer’s processor as many people think.[..]

What is Data Loss and How do you Prevent it

Data loss is an error condition in information systems that causes stored information to be destroyed by some critical failure or neglect while in storage, transmission, or processing. Most of these systems would implement some form of backup or disaster recovery equipment to both prevent or recover from data loss.[..]