How Long Web Forms Can Boast Impressive Conversion Rates

The general rule of thumb in marketing circles is that when utilizing web forms, optimization requires their shortening. Indeed, this is a logical conclusion in that, generally speaking, people will be perturbed by a long list of questions. The golden rule is usually five fields or less, but of course, depending on exactly what you are selling, that may be impossible. Long web forms are necessary for a host of services and products, so reducing your form to five fields or fewer is just not an option for many businesses. If you are stuck with your long-form, how do you go about maximizing conversion rates, then? These simple steps will reveal exactly how.

How Can You Make Money With NFTs?

The NFT market has made a sharp jump over the past years, opening up golden opportunities for investors to generate income. These days, digital assets mean much more than just owning Bitcoin or Ethereum, and NFTs are a perfect example of how diverse modern investment portfolios can be. This guide will discuss how to make money with NFTs and outline the most profitable approaches.

Building a Smart Home: Expert Advice for Tech Beginners

Knowledge is Power and getting to know everything you can about upgrading your home to a Smart House is, in our humble opinion, the very best way to get started. If knowledge is the first step in upgrading the technology in your house, we wanted to round up the most information we could (and wanted to share it with all of you) so that we could decide on and implement a system that works best for us and our families… and that's when we called in some back-up.

Small Guide to Content Writing Services for Software Development Business

Software development businesses today face plenty of pressure and competition. One of the best ways to stand out from the competition is with quality content. Content marketing costs far less than traditional marketing and generates more leads. Great content using the right SEO strategies can get a high ranking in the search results. Software development businesses with a comprehensive content marketing strategy will be more successful than others.

Why Get Code Signing Certificates From Third-Party CAs?

A code-signing certificate is one of the ingredients developers and businesses can use to gain the end-user’s trust. One certificate will make the user confident about engaging with the digital solution, which can be an executable file, a game, a software patch, etc. With the increasing number of cyber attacks troubling people, setting the right precedents to gain their confidence is essential.

What Does A Full Stack Developer Do

You have probably heard the term full-stack developer and wondered why they are so well paid. While it is true that the full-stack development career path can be extremely lucrative, getting there won't be as simple as solving an equation.