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What Makes A Good Exhibition Stand?

Securing an exhibition stand space is only one part of the work when you participate in an exhibition event. You must consider different factors if you don’t want a crowded stand. You also want to ensure that it has everything your sales team needs to do their jobs properly.

10 Steps to Creating a Good Exhibition Stand

An exhibition stand designer can help you through all the processes of getting the perfect exhibition stand for your events. With NStands, you never have to worry if you choose any of our professional exhibition stand designers to make your stand.

We have highlighted ten steps to crafting your best exhibition stand yet.

1. Set Clear Goals and Objectives

It is essential that you know what you want to achieve with your stand and the message you want to convey. Your goals for the exhibition play a major role in the design of your exhibition stand. Knowing your goals will also help your builders get the right dimensions for your stand.

Not all good stand designs will work for your goals. You should always ensure your goals are clear so the builders know what to do.

2. Use a Branded Banner Design

At an exhibition, several things vie for the attention of potential clients. Your stand can get lost in the sea of stands, brands, and events. Therefore, your brand identity must be clear to the attendees. You want to ensure that your banner design carries your logo, name, keywords, one-liner, and special offers for the day. However, it shouldn’t get too wordy. Keep the message short and sweet!

3. Maximize Stand Space

Space areas at exhibitions are often precious, with businesses only having limited space. You must maximize your allocated stand space by getting the dimensions right before the event.

You also want to use as little furniture as possible so your staff and attendees can move around as much as possible. Your key entrance points and displays should not be blocked, either. Keep the meeting areas to the back of the stand so people can easily talk to your staff.

4. Appeal to Your Audience

Remember that your exhibition stand is not for you but for your audience. Consider your demographic properly before you decide on the design of your exhibition stand.

The age, gender, and interests of your target audience can help you create something they will like and engage with. Remember that it does not matter how good your exhibition stand looks if it does not appeal to your target audience, you will not attract the right prospects.

5. Get Your Own Lighting

Lighting is essential, especially if the event is indoor and runs into the night. It can improve the look and feel of your exhibition stand, help you create an ambiance that will appeal to attendees, and distinguish your stand from the others at the exhibition.

You can use the lighting to highlight your key products and features. Backlighting can also help you emphasize your brand name and logo. So, don’t rely on the lights supplied by the organizers. Get your own lighting if you want to have an effect on the attendees.

6. Consider Unique Materials

When it comes to your exhibition stand, don’t be afraid to try out different materials in building your stand. Unique materials can help you emphasize your brand message and attract your target audience. Depending on your industry, various materials will work for your purpose.

In the tech industry, aluminum panels and chrome detailing could be a fantastic choice. For the medical or pharmaceutical industry, smooth, plastic moldings will give a modern look. Many industries are now incorporating sustainable, eco-friendly materials in their designs. You can also try that out.

7. Utilize Technology

Technology plays a significant role in our day-to-day life, and there is no reason it shouldn’t play a role in your exhibition stand. You can use technology in different ways at your exhibition stand. With tech, attendees don’t have only to be spectators; they can also participate.

You can show a live prototype of your product that attendees can interact with during the event. Touchscreens and interactive walls can also have the same effect. You can utilize virtual or augmented reality to show attendees bulky products you can’t carry to the exhibition.

8. Keep Your Staff Engaged

Your staff is your biggest asset if you want your exhibition stand to work well and look good. However, many people often ignore this aspect. You must ensure that your staff members have everything they need to work well throughout the event.

Before the event, you should provide clear instructions on how to act and what to wear. Ensure that they are hydrated and well-fed during the event. You might also add a competitive element to motivate them to help you make sales.

9. Do Giveaways

Everybody loves giveaways, but only some brands get it right when it comes to giveaways at exhibitions. If you want your giveaways to be effective, you want to ensure that you are not giving generic gifts that participants can forget about in a minute. So, cancel that order for pens if you are not in the writing industry.

You want to give away promotional materials that tie into your brand's message. You should also ensure that these materials are things your target audience will continue to use, conveniently reminding them of your brand.

10. Create a Hangout Space

While it might seem that an exhibition is always fast-paced, with people moving from booth to booth, you can ensure people slow down and interact more with your products and staff by creating a hangout space. This area will allow people to relax and feel welcome at your stand.

You can also provide refreshments. Coffee, tea, ice cream, or even water can make your booth popular at an exhibition. A warm, inviting atmosphere at your stand might have been all you needed.


Making a good exhibition stand is as easy as choosing all the elements step by step, as we have laid out for you. You need to put all these elements together to create not just an aesthetically appealing stand but one that works best for your brand. Find the best exhibition stand builders and planners to work with you!

The featured image is borrowed from NStand.

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