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How Can Generative AI Impact Human IQ?

Every time a new technology gets created that has a major impact on society and people’s ability to function, furious debate ensues about the extent to which it will influence human nature over the long term. This goes for everything from the bicycle (when women first started riding it, there were widespread concerns about it causing infertility) to the printing press (it was thought to corrupt people and cause sacrilege in whole societies).

When the Internet first became popular, there were numerous debates about the effects that it would have on society. Would it fill our minds with potential lies? Would it take over the world?

These debates continue with the growth of generative AI. One particularly pressing question is whether it can influence human IQs. There are arguments both for and against this idea. Let’s take a closer look.

What is generative AI?

Before we get started on the debate, it stands to explore what exactly generative AI is. Artificial intelligence is a function of machine learning that uses sophisticated algorithms to simulate human neural activity. It is capable of producing information and analyses in far greater amounts and degrees of refinement than humans can.

Generative AI takes the idea even further. With generative AI, you can produce text, images, videos, or other types of content simply by prompting a system what to do. It can come up with remarkably human-like writing, photographs, and many other types of content.

Is this good or bad?

The next question, then, is whether this is good for humanity or a danger to it. Could it make us smarter, or might it have the opposite effect? There are solid arguments on both sides of the debate.

It thinks for you

Perhaps the biggest argument against the use of generative AI is that it does the thinking for you. If you don’t have to use your brain to figure things out, won’t that eventually work against you in the end? If all you have to do is type in a few commands and a perfectly complete report/essay/resume comes popping out, it is fair to worry about whether that might have a dulling effect on people’s reasoning abilities.

This is not to mention the fact that generative AI can simply be wrong. In pulling together information from a wide range of published sources, not all of what AI produces is factually correct. Some of it can even be malicious. This is definitely a legitimate concern and something that we should all look out for.

The results can be helpful

The other side of the argument is that reading what generative AI comes up with can actually be very helpful to people. When you have more information available, you’re more likely to be able to extrapolate from it and make smarter decisions. So if you ask generative AI to produce a lot of information for you, you could certainly be making yourself a lot more knowledgeable by reading it.

Now, critics might say that simply producing information doesn’t necessarily mean that you pay attention to it, or that you truly understand the logic involved. In theory, if you don’t fully understand something or know how it came about, you could ask generative AI even more questions. But would you really know what to ask? The debate could go on for a long time. And it surely will.

CerebrumIQ can show you where you stand

If you really want to know where you stand on the IQ spectrum, you should check out CerebrumIQ. CerebrumIQ is a remarkable new program that is capable of assessing IQ levels to a very fine degree. Beyond that, it can isolate individual cognitive functions and assess each of them equally.

IQ is not simply one thing, after all. It is a complex, complicated web of different functions that work together to comprise any given person’s intellectual abilities. The genius of CerebrumIQ - both the IQ test and its component exercises - is that it can separate these faculties and allow you to work on them individually. Memory, speed, logic, reaction time, and concentration all receive individual focus with CerebrumIQ. The program allows you to work on skill-building exercises to improve upon your score with successive attempts. There is nothing else like it on the market today.

Give it a try!

Regardless of whether or not you use generative AI in your daily life, you can benefit from CerebrumIQ. You may find that there is one specific cognitive area that you need to refine more in order to increase your score to the level you want. You may simply get so much pleasure out of the exercises that you decide to keep doing them just for fun. Either way, you should check out this remarkable new program and see where it takes you.

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