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World of Warcraft appeals to a specific type of gamer, but Plunderstorm has attempted to expand its demographic and make the game fun for more people. If you’re starting to learn how to play Plunderstorm, there are ways you can survive your map. Here are eight tips for World of Warcraft: Plunderstorm beginners.

Learn the Keys and Practice a Few Times to Get Used to Them

The keybinds that make World of Warcraft function so seamlessly will only do so if you’re accustomed to them. Be sure to practice first so that you can learn the basics of picking up items, using weapons, interacting with items and characters, and activating your abilities.

World of Warcraft: Plunderstorm is one of the best Mac games to download and play in 2024. That’s because you can also change your keybinds to fit in with what feels comfortable for you. If something doesn’t work for you, feel free to change it so that your gameplay is more intuitive.

Get Your First Ability as Fast as Possible

In Plunderstorm, you gain abilities when you kill mobs. But you can’t start with killing an elite mob first, since your basic attack simply won’t be sufficient to do so. When you land, be sure to kill a smaller mob as quickly as possible so that you can get your ability and work at upgrading it as you progress. You can even kill a smaller mob right at the beginning by using your parrot to dive into them as you land.

Play with a Friend in Duos

If you like a more fast-paced version of Plunderstorm, invite one of your friends to join you in a Duos game. In this version, plunder is shared, and levels are reached twice as fast. You’ll also be working with your partner to be the last ones standing, so play together often and learn how to work as a team to get more plunder and defeat more players towards the end.

Know How to Use Your Barrel to Avoid Unwanted Combat

It’s always best to avoid any serious fighting until you’re comfortable with what you can do. Finishing your first-world quest is better than fighting with other players—or worse—elite mobs. Fortunately, there is a way to escape.

A barrel will be given to you at the start of every game. You can use this barrel to run away from enemies. This is especially useful if you find yourself confronted with an elite mob or another player early on in the game. Your barrel gives you the space and time to gather up what you need and build up your abilities and arsenal before engaging with too many enemies.

Learn Button Combinations

Your combat buttons are fine to start with when fighting your first mob. But if you combine your buttons, you’ll find that damage is multiplied by a lot! Learn a few good combinations and practice them when fighting.

Level Up Fast by Never Ignoring Anything You Find

Everything you pick up (or plunder) in Plunderstorm will help to level up your character quickly. As a beginner to this game, get into the habit of exploring a lot so that you discover hidden treasures and plunder areas. Making this a priority at the start of every game will put you at an advantage when you come face-to-face with other players or your first elite mob.

Use Your Experience and High Level to Plunder More Challenging Areas

Plunderstorm is basically a race to see who can take on the difficult challenges before anyone else. If you can beat your opposing players to certain challenging areas, you’ll level up quicker than they will, which will give you a huge advantage during the endgame. Note which areas have been avoided, and be brave enough to challenge those areas before someone else does.

Work on Your Renown Track by Playing Often

The more you play, the more your game profile records your plunder score. This score helps you progress along the renown track, which is a great way to measure your experience as a Plunderstorm player and intimidate other players.

Final Thoughts

As with all games, Plunderstorm takes a little bit of practice to get right. Similar to Fortnite, this game gives you bragging rights as the last player standing after each game. The more times you win, the better and more confident you’ll become. So grab a controller and learn those buttons as you explore and dive into this awesome game.

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