What is Malware?

Malware is software that can cause potential damage to your computer services and network. It stands for "Malicious Software" and is designed to disrupt the target's computer. Malware gets installed in the target system by unauthorized access, executable code, scripts, or software.

What is Catfishing?

With increasing social media presence, terms such as catfishing have come into existence. The name Catfishing was picked from the 2010 documentary film "Catfish", which introduced the term. Catfishing is a behavior where a user pretends to be who they are not.

What are Captcha and ReCaptcha?

With hacking attacks going to the next level, most websites have become more vigilant to shield every possible cyber-attack. Captcha is something that has been around for some time now and several top websites incorporate captcha. Captcha is a challenge-response test provided over the website. This is used to determine if the user is a human or an automated bot. Captcha was first formed in 1997 and was officially introduced in 2003 by John Langford, Nicholas Hopper, Luis von Ahn, and Manuel Blum.

What is phishing?

Phishing attacks are something that is very common these days. While its evident that phishing attacks can have several repercussions, not many are aware in terms of what exactly gets classified as a phishing attack or is termed as phishing.

What is a web browser?

A Web browser also referred commonly as "browser" is a software which is used to access World Wide Web (www). The browser identifies individual URLs and displays the corresponding page on the user's device.

VyprVPN becomes the first VPN provider to be publicly audited as a No-Log VPN provider

It's easy for a VPN provider to claim they do not log your IP address or any other information when using their service, unfortunately when they do make these claims you have to take them on trust. However, with the recent high-profile cases of two leading VPN providers being caught lying about their no logging policy we've started to see some VPN providers take steps to have their services independently audited to prove they are in fact not logging.

What is a Web Bug (Beacon)?

A web bug is also referred to as web beacon, pixel tag, clear GIF, invisible GIF. It is one of the techniques used in emails or web pages to check what the user has accessed. These are in most cases invisible and are used for web analytics. In most cases, web bug arrives in the form of an image and can be detected by the user only if the source code is checked. A web bug is small graphic and hence can work easily with low bandwidth or weak network connection.

How do you spy on someone's IP Address?

Most of us believe that our IP address can be tracked only by the Internet Service Provider. Did you know that there are multiple ways in which someone can spy on your IP address? Anybody knowing one of these techniques can easily reveal your IP address. To spy on your IP address, they do not need your permission. Spying on someone's IP address can be used to trace cyberbullying as well as bad intentions.

What is Web 3.0?

The web has evolved several changes since its inception, starting from Web 1.0 which forms the most rudimentary form of a web. Next going on to more advanced forms of Web which were called as Web 2.0.

What is JSP?

JSP is also referred as Java server pages. It is a language used for web development and is similar to PHP or ASP. It is used extensively for dynamic web page generation. JSP was first released in 1999 by Sun Microsystems.