Can You Hide Your IP Address While Playing Games?

Today while playing games online, some might consider hiding your IP Address for some reason and question if it is even possible. The short answer is yes, it is possible but it comes with quite a few caveats. This is because typically; when playing a game online, you care very much about response time and how quickly your machine and the Internet can send the game server data and receive it. This aspect of online gaming is referred to as latency or lag. While the latency on a game can never go below a certain point as a person's physical location and distance away affects this, adding layered overhead processes between the player sending data and receiving data from the server can negatively affect this. And as it so happens, all the methods in which one can use to hide their IP Address would generate some overhead and negatively affect this; some more so than others. When players have bad latency or lag while playing only games, the experience they get while playing the game deteriorates exponentially and can quite often cause them to be unable to play the game altogether.

How to Find the IP Address of a Game Server?

Typically with online gaming, a player connects to a server located somewhere in the cloud and then sends and receive data through the Internet. This process is how game servers keep players data and updates it for every other player to see in real-time what is happening on the server. For this connection to be established, it means that the player's machine must connect to the game server and therefore ultimately, it's possible for a player to find the IP Address of a game server. To that end, we'll be looking at how a player can do this to find out the exact IP Address of a game server.

What is Incognito Mode in a Browser?

Incognito mode, or sometimes called private mode by various browsers, is basically a means to provide some level of anonymity for users while browsing the Internet. These browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari accomplish this by making sure all of the information that you are viewing and entering onto the website is not stored on your machine. Essentially, running in incognito mode disables storing of browsing history, cookies, site data and forms you've filled. This way, the user ensures that whatever content they are viewing cannot be later found from searching on the same machine they're using.

How to Browse Anonymously?

Today, the Internet is a very dominant tool used by countless people to gather information, communicate, and use for entertainment purpose. What some people may not realize is that while using the internet, it catalogs a plethora of information on their actions making quite a lengthy and scarily accurate digital trail of their time on the internet. This information can then be used for a lot of things which they may not be aware of; such as lead generation, which is the act of a company purchasing your information (or paying for a service which uses your information) to swarm you with advertisements, or the act of even tracking your habits and communications through the activities your IP Address does on a regular basis.

What is Vishing?

To first understand what is vishing, we must first have an understanding of >a href="/phishing">phishing. At its core, phishing is a nefarious method to trick a person through some means of deceit. This can be achieved through either making the victim download malicious software or through tricking them with social engineering tactics.

What is Antivirus Software?

To understand what anti-virus software is, we must first have an understanding of what a computer virus is and how they threaten our privacy. The main goal of antivirus software is to counter virus programs. At the core, a virus is nothing more than a program which continuously duplicates itself on a person's system. These programs typically either allow an unwanted user to gain access to the affected system or performs some unwanted action on the affected system. As such, viruses are almost always used for nefarious reasons by malicious programs, and as I've mentioned before; antivirus software came about to counter such programs.

What is Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin?

Before we can discuss cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, we must first understand the underlying technology upon which they're built upon, blockchain. Blockchain is simply a normal accounting ledger that is stored digitally across multiple machines. Each machine holds the exact same copy of the ledger and compares it with each other every time there's an addition to the ledger. Each copy of the ledger must remain the same during this process and those who do not are considered outliers. Through this way, the ledgers pick the copies with the majority rule; meaning, if 51% of the machines have one result while 49% have the other, the 51% is considered to be right and all the machines are updated to suit. Another key factor of the technology is that once a record has been added to the ledger, it can never be deleted again and that each machine that is a part of the blockchain are individuals who use their machines computational power to secure these records in cryptographic hashes and are paid for it with tokens or coins.

How to Stay Safe from Online Scams?

The Internet is the common place where scammers are seeking innocent users. Scammers are using every tactic to trick users into obtaining personal info and asking them for money. They employ a series of different tricks to mislead people through social engineering or even fool them into a false sense of security. Learn how you can identify and prevent online scams.

How to Protect Your Privacy Online?

The Internet is one of the great tools within the modern world; enabling users everywhere globally to communicate with each other with minimal barriers. On top of this, as time went on, it became a great tool for almost every use imaginable: businesses can be run from online solely, information can be shared easily, games and entertainment can become available for all; truly a novelty of an invention.

How to Avoid a Computer Virus?

In its simplest form, a computer virus is basically some form of software with nefarious intentions which continuously duplicate itself much like a regular virus would do within a human. This program typically alters the behavior of some device as it continuously duplicates itself so as to make it harder to purge from the system. This is accomplished through exploits and vulnerabilities found within the software to aid the virus' creator; to gain unwanted access to the system or to perform unwanted actions on the system.