How to Stay Safe from Online Scams?

The Internet is the common place where scammers are seeking innocent users. Scammers are using every tactic to trick users into obtaining personal info and asking them for money. They employ a series of different tricks to mislead people through social engineering or even fool them into a false sense of security. Learn how you can identify and prevent online scams.

How to Protect Your Privacy Online?

The Internet is one of the great tools within the modern world; enabling users everywhere globally to communicate with each other with minimal barriers. On top of this, as time went on, it became a great tool for almost every use imaginable: businesses can be run from online solely, information can be shared easily, games and entertainment can become available for all; truly a novelty of an invention.

How to Avoid a Computer Virus?

In its simplest form, a computer virus is basically some form of software with nefarious intentions which continuously duplicate itself much like a regular virus would do within a human. This program typically alters the behavior of some device as it continuously duplicates itself so as to make it harder to purge from the system. This is accomplished through exploits and vulnerabilities found within the software to aid the virus' creator; to gain unwanted access to the system or to perform unwanted actions on the system.

What is Hacking?

Hacking is a popular term that denotes the action of a nefarious actor in an attempt to gain unwanted access to a system. In a simpler way of wording it, this is the process of a person attempting to break into a machine or account to do some malicious activity. This isn't something limited to just the Internet either as hacking is something that can occur offline as well if the bad actor can gain physical access to your machine or account. In most scenarios, hackers do these actions to either access a user's private information such as their bank/credit card information or to use the user's account/machine in some other nefarious action such as a zombie in a DDoS attack.

What is Geolocation?

Technology has come a long way and is constantly evolving every day and it's no exception with geolocation. Thanks to this, geolocation has found a very strong and everyday use in today's world. RFID (radio frequency identification) tags have come about as a result of this and function as neat little devices which can be tagged to other items that have no means of connecting to the Internet. Through this, one can then geolocate these tags and their tagged objects.

What is Cloud?

The Cloud is a general term referred to as the Internet in a broad way. It generally refers to accessing computer, storage and applications over the Internet. It should be noted that these services involve the use of some extremely powerful machines, mega scale storage devices in remote locations that the user would not be able to access physically.

Public DNS

To first understand what a Public DNS is, we must first recognize what DNS means to begin with. In its simplest definition, the DNS (or the Domain Name System), is basically an Internet service that functions like a giant dictionary. This dictionary maps the IP address of every website to a human-readable name called a domain (or host) name. This service functions when a user enters the name of some website into a browser's url bar (for example, to visit that website. Most ISPs provide a set of DNS servers for it's customers to use, and they are usually private designed to be used by their customers only.

Should you use a Mac OS, Windows or Linux?

You've chosen to purchase a new PC for your everyday computing needs. What would you choose for your operating system: MacOS, Windows or Linux? It may seem a simple choice for the most, but you do have a choice.

How does a VPN Work?

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is essentially an extension of a private network across the public space of the Internet between two endpoints. These two endpoints are two machines on the network which treat the connection private between the two as if it's a direct-wired connection. Through this means, the two effectively ensure that they are speaking through a secure connection to each other to transfer data between them privately.

Is VPN legal?

There is always a general debate around the usage of VPN whether it is legal or illegal to use. Like most of us know, VPN enhances security and comes with certain undeniable benefits. Using VPN in most countries is legal but certain countries ban VPN entirely or partially depending on the purpose of its use.