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Traffic accidents in cities lower the quality of life and put more stress on the city's infrastructure. In the context of smart cities, more and more data are becoming available that can be used to study the phenomenon in more depth. We propose a process for combining information from different sources, such as road accidents, weather, local government reporting tools, traffic, and the fire department.

Recently, smartphones have allowed us to perform more and more tasks without computers, scanners, or other devices. It's much faster and more convenient. You don't have to get up from the couch or look for places that provide special services. It also helps to save money and free up space on the writing table. Your small mobile device allows you to do many things: connect with friends via social media, follow the news, apply for a job, buy things, even scan documents and make a PDF from photos.

The remote workforce has been more common since the pandemic forced the shift in work environments. BPO companies more commonly used it, but now, almost every industry offers remote work options. Especially since people found more benefits from working remotely, it's become a preferred environment.

A large majority of cloud users (businesses and individuals) think that the service provider is the sole party responsible for security. However, this is not the case.

The service provider must indeed create a secure environment for users and make sure all its defense systems are up-to-date and running, but users also bear some responsibility. Plus, when running computers and resources in AWS, which is a rather complex cloud environment, you need to step up your security game if you want your data to be safe.

Software Testing Best Practices

Software testing as an afterthought has been a little passe’. In fact, most of the time it was being ignored by businesses thoroughly due to restraints in time and budget. Whether you are developing an application for the retail industry or healthcare sector, telecom industry or finance industry, undergoing the software testing procedures prior to its release has become a must. Ignoring this means you might end up losing everything eventually.