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Technology is an ever-evolving industry, so it would be fair to call it the industry of the future. If you are choosing your future college, this article will come in handy. We are here to tell you why pursuing tech degrees in 2023 is a smart career move.

Is this the only wise investment in your future career? Negative. Obviously, you need strong analytical skills to succeed in tech degrees. If you are an artistic soul, it is no good forcing yourself to become a business intelligence analyst.

On the other hand, if you already chose a humanitarian field and regret it, it is never too late to switch to a tech degree. By all means, it is a responsible move that needs thorough consideration. If you come across your vocation, it will make your heart beat faster.

1. Computer Science

A degree in computer science is a timeless classic that continues to be in demand in the tech industry. This degree covers programming languages, algorithms, data structures, and computer architecture. With a computer science degree, you can pursue a career as a software developer, data analyst, or network administrator, to name a few.

2. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

AI and ML are two of the most exciting areas in tech right now. As an example, ChatGPT continues to be the top popular topic for conversation. AI and ML are being applied across industries, from finance to healthcare, to improve efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making. Pursuing a degree in AI/ML can open doors to roles such as machine learning engineer, data scientist, and AI specialist.

3. Cybersecurity

As more and more businesses and individuals conduct their affairs online, cybersecurity has become a pressing concern. Do you want to be able to identify, prevent, and respond to cyber threats? You can pursue a career as a cybersecurity analyst, information security manager, or network security engineer in the future.

4. Cloud Computing

You may wonder why the demand for cloud computing experts is on the rise. The answer is simple: cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate. You will learn to manage, store, and analyze data in the cloud. Cloud solutions architects, cloud engineers, or cloud developers are perfect career opportunities.

5. Data Science

Data has become the new oil in the digital age. A degree in this field can equip you with the skills to analyze and extract insights from data. With a data science degree, you can pursue a career as a data analyst, data scientist, or business intelligence analyst.

Benefits of Tech Careers

We have listed the most popular degrees and illustrated them with examples of your future career opportunities. The choice is only yours to make because you know your strong and weak points better than anyone. But we have some convincing arguments for why you should not hesitate to pursue a tech career.

  1. High demand: There is a high demand for qualified tech specialists in today’s digital age, which means job security and good pay.
  2. Creativity: Whatever tech degree you choose, you need creativity, problem-solving skills, and a passion for innovation. This makes it an ideal career for people who like to be challenged and think outside the box.
  3. Remote work opportunities: The flexibility to work from anywhere in the world often happens to be reason number one for people who want to travel in their life.
  4. Continuous learning: It is a constantly evolving field, so there are always new technologies or programming languages to learn. People who enjoy professional development fall in love with these careers once and for all.
  5. Collaboration: Despite all stereotypes, teamwork, and communication skills are part of tech jobs. Great working relationships and a strong sense of community are the rewards.
  6. Making a difference in people’s lives: Whether it’s creating software for healthcare, education, or the environment, you can make a positive impact on the world.

Disadvantages of Tech Careers

Depending on your character, temperament, or learner type, the pros can easily become cons. We want to be honest with you, so we are willing to share the potential disadvantages of pursuing tech degrees in 2023.

  1. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends: Sounds challenging and time-consuming, huh? But not for those whose passion is constant learning. They love the rapidly changing landscape.
  2. Long hours: Tech jobs often require long hours/working evenings or weekends to meet project deadlines.
  3. High stress: The fast-paced nature of this sphere can be stressful, particularly when dealing with complex projects or tight deadlines. But, to be honest, this can be true for any other job. Not every job opens the doors that a tech degree does, though.
  4. Loneliness: Working remotely may lead to feelings of isolation. Of course, this is not a problem if you are an introvert who enjoys living out of a suitcase.
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  6. Lack of diversity: This industry has historically had a lack of diversity, particularly in terms of gender and race. This can lead to a less inclusive work environment and limit career advancement opportunities for some individuals.
  7. Pressure to constantly perform at a high level: An issue for one person, the competitive spirit can be just right for other ambitious workers.
  8. Burnout: The fast pace and high demands can lead to burnout, particularly if the work-life balance is not prioritized. Again, burnout is an issue in all work spheres. But not all of them offer salaries with multiple figures or the ability to produce something revolutionizing.


Although both lists are long, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Pursuing a tech degree in 2023 can provide you with a range of exciting and rewarding career opportunities.

Whether you choose to specialize in computer science, cybersecurity, or software engineering, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals in these fields. With the right degree, you can position yourself for success in a rapidly evolving and dynamic industry.

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