How to protect yourself from doxxing?

There are many reasons someone wants to dox you and share all your confidential information with the public to target you. Hackers have been using "doxxing" to revenge their rivals and enemies, but this practice has been extended to regular people like us. Gathering personal information online is not an easy task, but someone will go through the trouble of collecting the data to harass you is mind-boggling.

6 Cybersecurity Tips for Writers & Bloggers

Cybersecurity studies say that around 30,000 websites are hacked every day. Many hackers break into websites without their owners realizing the issue, so it might take months before the breach is detected. At that point, making repairs is way too late. The best protection is prevention, and this rule applies to cybersecurity. To keep a blog or author website safe from hackers, writers need to follow the best practices of cybersecurity.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is the file that you specify to let the search engines know about the pages, videos, and images hosted on your website. By creating a sitemap, you can specify which pages are important, when they were last updated, and how often they were changed as well as alternate language versions (if any). You may also create an HTML version of the sitemap for your visitors to allow them to easily navigate your website.

What are Client Hints?

Client Hints is a new feature introduced by Google on Chrome browser and is later adopted by other browsers and included in the HTTP specifications. Client Hints was developed to help deliver responsive web easier and faster, and also makes it easier for webmasters to markup less code.

What is ARIN?

ARIN is one of the 5 RIRs (Regional Internet Registries) responsible for the management and distribution of the Internet number resources known as IP Addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) and ASNs. ARIN serves the region comprised of the United States, Canada, and many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands. ARIN is a nonprofit organization found in 1997. The primary function of ARIN is the registration of IP addresses and ASNs to ensure global uniqueness. Registration service includes allocation. assignment, and transfer of all Internet number resources. ARIN assigns IPv4, IPv6 and ASN numbers to governments, universities, ISPs, and for-profit organizations.

How do you use a proxy server?

Every computer on the Internet has an IP address, and it obtains one from the ISP that provides the Internet. The IP address is the identity of your computer, and the servers providing service to you will know what IP it is communicating with. Some people want to hide IP address and browse the web anonymously. There are several ways you can hide your IP address, and using a proxy server is one way to achieve it.

How to unlock a mobile phone and check network compatibility?

When you buy a phone from T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T; they offer you a subsidized phone deal in exchange for a 2-year (or 30-months) contract. They also lock your phone, so that you cannot take the phone to another carrier. To use the phone you bought from Verizon on the AT&T network (or vice versa), you'll have to unlock your phone. The US carriers used to lock your phone for years, but with the "Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act", you have to right to unlock your phone if you meet their "Unlocking Policy".

How do you upgrade SEO with FAQ schema?

Schemas have been around for some time now, and they are used to let the search engines know what type of information is presented on the page. FAQ schema in particular is developed to tell search engines that the content presented on the page is a question and answer format.

Do you need AMP for your SEO?

Google is introducing new search algorithms such as mobile-first indexing and passage ranking as well as new frameworks like advanced mobile pages (AMP). Page load time is a key factor in search rankings, and more and more users are searching from mobile devices than desktop. The key takeaway from this is (1) speed and (2) mobile-friendly.

What is IANA?

IANA is a standards organization owned by ICANN responsible for global allocation of IP Addresses and ASNs, management of DNS root zones, and protocol assignments. In regards to IP number management, IANA is primarily responsible for allocating a pool of unallocated IP blocks to RIRs according to the global policy to ensure fair allocation of IP addresses across the regions.