How to check if Internet is being throttled?

Imagining a day without having the Internet. It will be a nightmare for most of us. While the world is constantly on the move, ahead on technology it's even more frustrating when your internet connection lags. A slow internet connection makes you feel like your entire world has suddenly shifted to be slow motion.

VPN Servers - is More Better?

Virtual servers are the focal point of every privacy service and a topic on which we touched many times on this site, in one form or another. The number of VPN servers is one of the first things you see when you open up a VPNs site and a piece of information many users go by when choosing a VPN service. But, just like every VPN service itself, there are a lot of secrets surrounding these services that most users aren't aware of when making their choice. There's a lot more you should know when it comes to this crucial part of every VPN. This brings us to the subject matter of this article – VPN providers claim that more VPN servers is better, but is it really the case? Read this page and find out.

What are the differences between VPN and Tor?

When we speak about online privacy, we constantly make references to the VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and completely secures traffic by using point-to-point encryption. VPN maintains anonymity by hiding your IP address. However, the VPN provider would be able to know your real IP address as they are the ones who will mask your real IP with a virtual IP.

What is a guest network and how to use it?

In this fast-moving age of the internet, it isn't uncommon that many of us share our Wi-Fi credentials with friends and guests. At first glance, it doesn't seem to be a big deal to share your Wi-Fi credentials but when your guests join your home network they can see all of your smart devices and computers. Without properly securing your smart devices and PCs, your smart devices may be accessible to your guests.

How to Use a VPN to Your Advantage on Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here, and most of us will be looking to take advantage of some of the great offers available on this day. While we all know that Black Friday prices are some of the most affordable ones every year, in this post, we'll share with you our most useful tips on how you can an even better value for your money. Here are the best ways how you can use a VPN to your advantage when shopping online on Black Friday.

What A VPN Does To Protect Your Online Privacy

Privacy is becoming an overwhelming concern to most people today. As we move further into a world where just about everything is online and mobile, online data privacy hacks are a rising concern. The ease and convenience of having everything digital come at a high cost. We all understand the risks associated with handling business online. Let's focus on how you can protect yourself and your privacy while online, no matter if you are surfing the web or handling financial business.

How to setup Cookie-free Domains

As a webmaster, we often run website speed test and learn that use of the cookie-free domains will improve website performance. A cookie-free domain saves network traffic by not sending cookie data with HTTP request.

How to secure Magento website

Magento is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms behind Shopify and WooCommerce. With popularity comes increased security risks, and many Magento sites often become the target of hacker attacks as customer data amassed from online stores is worth a lot in the black market.

Simple steps to secure Wordpress website

Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform and it represents about 34% of all websites hosted worldwide. With gained popularity, hackers target Wordpress websites to infect with malware and viruses. As your site grows in traffic, hackers find your website through search engines and infect with malicious codes or redirect users to another website. There are known vulnerabilities in every open-source platform including Wordpress, and it is important to update your site with the latest patches and protect your website from hackers by securing your site. In this article, we'll discuss simple steps to secure Wordpress website.

What is a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a geographically distributed network of servers working together to provide fast delivery of web contents. Use of CDN makes the webpage load faster by transferring web contents including HTML pages, JS, CSS, Images and even video files from the distributed servers geographically closer. Some of the most popular javascript libraries, fonts and CSS frameworks are hosted on public CDNs, and utilizing such CDNs for your web pages will improve your site performance. Use of CDN may also help protect your website from DDoS attacks.