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How to Choose the Best Direction for Your First Merch on YouTube!

YouTube is definitely an interesting platform. It has something for everyone, and there are so many different types of content creators making all sorts of videos.

However, if you're finally ready to ditch those algorithms and be in charge of your earnings, selling merch is the way to go.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the U.S., and it's also one of the best platforms to make money on. Creating engaging YouTube videos and selling merch is a sure-fire way to secure a steady income.

How To Incorporate and Create Engaging Social Media Video Ads

The demand for creative and engaging social media content grows almost daily, and competition is fierce. According to Hootsuite, a social media management tool, Facebook ads in the U.S. are expected to increase in 2022 by 15.5% from 2021 numbers and reach over two billion people. The expected ad revenue numbers come in at just under $60 billion. Their ad growth has been exponential since the pandemic forced more online operations and sales.

10 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies

Your content should be personalized and it should reflect what your audience demands. It is a very cool idea to connect with your potential customers and ask about their preferences. You can also engage with the audience through social media channels with the help of content created according to the insights gathered online.

Why You Need to Get Your Brand Involved in the Ephemeral Content Space

Social media marketing is face-paced and it’s crucial that your brand is up to date on current trends. Marketing has evolved due to social media and platform algorithms. Most established companies advertise their brand on a variety of platforms simultaneously. Having a social media team or manager can help your brand do well with content creation. Ephemeral content is a huge way to boost your brand's marketing strategies. It is the new wave of advertising and business promotion. This is why you need to get your brand involved in the ephemeral content space.

5 Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies to Get More Traffic to Your eCommerce Site

In the contemporary world, social media is the center of the shopping experience, as customers value what is shared on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. eMarketer states that 36% of people have accepted the importance of social media content in their shopping decisions.

7 Effective Mobile Content Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies center on getting your message to as large a percentage of your audience as possible. And since most people use mobile devices nowadays, creating content for mobile is an obvious attraction for business.

Whether you have a small company or a large e-commerce business, optimizing your mobile content garners more return on investment. But you need to get the marketing strategy right from the get-go.

4 Ingenious Email Marketing Campaign Examples

When it comes to marketing, email has always been one of the oldest, time-tested channels used for promoting brands, products, and services. Nevertheless, though it has been used as a marketing tool for ages, there still is a certain lack of understanding of the importance of email in terms of marketing. And, there is even less understanding of how to use this tool correctly.

9 Successful Digital Marketing Case Studies

Do you lack inspiration for your digital marketing? Reading and evaluating practical, real-life digital marketing case studies can help you get on track. This guide has a compiled mega-list of some of the best marketing case studies with solutions you should not be missing out on. What are you waiting for? Let's dive into it.

7 Different & Inventive Ways to Use Consumer Testimonials in your Day-to-Day Emails

Everyone likes to hear that someone else has enjoyed something that they are considering buying or trying, it is simply just human nature. Crowd tested, crowd approved, at the end of the day; is going to gain a higher percentage of increase in consumer buy in than any discount ever could. Consumers are naturally going to trust a product that they feel has benefited people like them before. So, here are seven easy ways to incorporate consumer testimonials in your emails to customers. It is important to use these in ways that feel natural, so the customer does not think you are simply throwing meaningless data at them to entice them towards your product. Here are our top seven tips:

How Language Skills Can Help You to Become a Successful Email Marketer

Marketing through email is a vital part of any business. Whether you're targeting consumers or companies, it takes many responsibilities to get the job done smoothly and effectively – from launching campaigns & managing lists to nurturing leads.

The way you write an email can make or break your marketing efforts. One of the most important aspects that sets successful emails apart from those that don't convert is written and what tone is used. This article will give you some tips to help set up a winning strategy for your next email campaign with the help of language skills.

How Better to Use Social Media Marketing to Increase Sales

Social media marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Social media has billions of active users every single day making it a fantastic place to advertise, showcase products, build a customer base, and increase sales. No matter which stage of your business development you’re at, you can likely improve your growth by including a social media marketing strategy into your marketing plan.

How To Boost Your Sales with Twitter

Do you want to promote your business on Twitter but don't understand the platform's algorithms? We've collected seven types of tweets that will increase sales, traffic, and brand awareness. Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users. For this reason, Twitter is the most demanded platform for business, as it provides a great list of potential customers.

Ten Reasons Why you Should go to the Marketplace With Your Product Now

Selling products in the marketplace requires online sellers to look for effective ways to reach their potential customers. Having fine products and services is one thing and availing them to your customers is another.

How you present your brand determines the success of your enterprise based on whether the customers are satisfied or not. After establishing a great business, take time to go to the marketplace with your best offering. Here are ten reasons why you should do so.

How to Write a Marketing Strategy for Your Business Plan

As a business owner, you need a long-term plan that guarantees the continuity of your brand. It should be a customized marketing strategy that aligns with the products you sell and your specific business model. And your goal should be to establish a sustainable approach to sell your products and services to qualified customers. This is the surefire way of running a successful business that grows exponentially and has a solid connection with its customers.

4 Effective Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Tips

CRO (conversion rate optimization) is currently one of the most popular topic in eCommerce marketing today. Over time, marketers have found the practice of modifying certain website elements and testing them to prove their effectiveness in their toolset. For example, the red CTA button on an eCommerce website is proved to be more effective than a blue button upon split testing. That's how CRO works.

5 Tactics to Take Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy to The Next Level

Setting up and running an e-commerce website is time-consuming and requires careful planning. You need to identify a brand, analyze the competition, understand your audience and design a website that will yield results.

Many marketers focus on the initial stages of an e-commerce website launch without considering what to do after launching the site. If you have done the basics such as SEO and paid search, but are not getting the desired results, consider implementing the following tactics.

How do you prevent invalid clicks?

Click frauds and invalid clicks have common characteristics in which clicks are categorized as unintentional, automated, and duplicate clicks that do not result in conversions. The invalid clicks are clicks that are determined to be fraud from Google's eye and are deducted from the advertiser's credit.

How to track offline conversions?

Doing business online doesn't necessarily mean selling products online, but also includes lead generation which leads to sales. Companies that sell mortgages, insurances, and other non-tangible products sell through offline funnels and those offline conversions must be tracked to improve marketing channels. Some offline conversions include tracking phone calls, leads that led to sales, and offline quotes generated from online leads.

What is click fraud?

Whether you're an advertiser or publisher, click fraud is a concern for everyone. From an advertiser's point of view, click fraud will cause them to pay for traffic that is not intended. For publishers, click fraud may seem to increase their earnings initially but it may hurt their SEO, may invalidate their earnings at a later time, and also may potentially lose their publisher account. Ad networks such as Google have created measures to fight against click frauds and implemented various ways to detect and filter fraudulent clicks from costing advertisers.

Why do you need call tracking?

In the traditional method of learning how consumers reach a business, salespeople used to ask "How did you find us?" question. This is a rudimentary way of finding out the source of a phone call, and the collection of each calls to generate a detailed report is hard to come by if there are a large number of sales reps receiving calls.

Affiliate Marketing

Everyone wants to be your own boss, and quit that 9 to 5 job you've been had for the last 20 years. We're living in an era where building wealth is easier than ever. You don't have to quit your full-time job to start making money online. You can start small in your spare time, build your business at your own home, and grow your income over time and finally quit your job and be your own boss. Sounds like a good idea? You came to the right place, learn affiliate marketing.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

As a marketer, you'll need to know how your advertisement dollars are performing on each channel and we often use Google Analytics to analyze them. You may set up goals, conversions, and eCommerce tracking within Google Analytics to determine the sales funnel and also determine where users are dropping off within conversion paths. Google offers auto-tagging within its advertising channel (Google Ads) to make it easier to monitor the performance of its advertising platform. Facebook on the other hand, provides it's own performance metrics through the Facebook Business page.

What is a drip marketing?

Drip marketing is a marketing automation program used to nurture leads through email marketing, and acquire new customers. It involves sending a series of pre-built emails over a period of time to nurture prospects and build a brand. By sending multiple emails to the same prospects, your prospects will become familiar with your brand and bring them back into a sales funnel.

What are the differences between retargeting and remarketing?

Converting a new visitor to your website is extremely difficult. The average conversion rate of a typical online store is less than 2%, which translates that 98% of people visiting your site will leave without a purchase. The first-time visitor to your site will fall far below the 2% conversion rate, and this is where retargeting comes in.

What are Mobile Advertising IDs (MAID)?

Consumers not only use websites but also use mobile apps for various social media and gaming activities. For app developers to monetize their work, they often publish advertisements offered through Apple, Google, and Facebook among others. Unlike websites, mobile apps do not use cookies and there has to be another way to track user activities. This is where Mobile Advertising ID (MAID) comes in, and it allows advertisers to collect information about mobile users.

What is the Gclid?

Google Click ID (also known as GCLID) is a parameter assigned to the Google Ad and is passed in the URL to track clicks and conversions. The GCLID is only used in Google Ads and is enabled by turning on auto-tagging in the settings. It is used to tie your Google Ads with your Google Analytics account so that the clicks and the conversions can be tracked.

What is the Client ID in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics keeps track of website visitors as users, and it uses the Client ID stored in the browser cookie to determine it. Google Analytics stores _ga cookie in the user's browser and the browser sends cookie data to a web server every time it makes a request. To view your Google Analytics (GA) cookie for a specific site, you may use developer tools available on your browser to view them. For example, on Google Chrome you may click the F12 key -> Applications Tab -> Cookies to view them. An example of "_ga" cookie looks like below:

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is a metric used to measure the percentage of visitors leaving your website after only 1-page view and nothing on the website. If a visitor lands on a web page and bounces back with no additional engagement after viewing the landing page, you have a bounce rate of 100% for that visit. By improving the quality of your website, you can lower your bounce rate and increase pages per session.