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Computer viruses have evolved over the years from the early days of mostly causing malicious damage to present-day sophisticated cybercrime which includes Worms and Trojans (that can steal passwords and other personal information) and Adware and Spyware that can report your internet behavior back to parent organizations.

If your business is heavily dependent on computer technology or even if you just use your desktop or laptop for email and basic record-keeping, consider what would happen if your systems become infected by malware and (for example):

  • Some or all of your passwords were stolen (which could provide the hacker access to your bank accounts, etc.).
  • Your sensitive business information (documents, accounts, email, etc.) was compromised.
  • Your computers were rendered unusable and required expensive repair.

Note that since Microsoft Windows is the dominant operating system by market share (especially for business users) most viruses are targeted at Windows-based computers.

Use Up to Date Software

Whether you use the free Microsoft-supplied anti-virus/spyware software make sure you keep the software up to date (which should be done automatically unless you have chosen otherwise). Perform regular virus scans on your system and make sure your anti-virus software is always enabled and at full protection levels.  If you one day discover that your anti-virus software is not enabled, your system has likely been infected and the anti-virus software has been disabled by malware.

Get VPN for Anonymity

Virtual private networks (VPN) require high bandwidth and low latency networks to work effectively. Internet service via satellite, on the other hand, usually suffers from high latency satellite signals due to long distances.

Satellite Internet also tends to favor a low upstream bandwidth. Specifically, the satellite bandwidth for download is comparable to telephone and the Internet. VPN demand of bandwidth for both uploads and downloads.

Internet VPN Services: Unblock Youtube, Skype, Facebook

VPN offers a complete world to know how to enable Web sites. They include a web filter, firewall, and many other applications, users can enjoy complete freedom and surf the web. It may well be in different places, for example, school, college, work, or elsewhere away from home. Many of these different places set limits for you and prevent you from accessing your favorite Web sites at any time and from anywhere. You can also unlock the Internet capabilities that help protect your identity. You can also hide your ISP, your IP address, and also the place of the anonymous visitors on different websites. VPN encrypts all the Internet traffic. No one is between the computer and the VPN server, which can be seen in the data. The encryption is not turned off in the VPN client configuration. Although we cannot guarantee 100% data security, the likelihood of follow-up is very low.

These VPN solutions are commonly used by many companies worldwide. A VPN is creating a private network over the public network to allow remote users to connect to the corporate network. Internet VPN consists of two functions, encryption and tunneling. Thus, the Internet VPN ensures that data can be delivered safely and privately in public.

VPN Internet to Unblock Websites: Virtual Private Network

VPN worldwide offers an understanding of how to unblock sites. Filters include web application firewalls and others, and allow users greater freedom while surfing the net. It may well be in different places, such as school, college, work, or elsewhere outside the home.

Many of these sites impose different restrictions on you and prevent you from accessing your favorite Web sites anytime and anywhere. To unlock the Internet also include activities that will help protect their identity. You can even cut your ISP, IP, and even the place to be an anonymous visitor to various websites. Linux Windows VPN encrypts all your traffic. There is nothing between your computer and our VPN Windows Server that can be able to see your data.

The encryption is not turned off in the VPN client configuration. Although we cannot guarantee 100% data security, the likelihood of follow-up is very low. These VPN solutions are commonly used by many companies around the world. A virtual Private Network or VPN is a private network, a network that allows the public space of the Internet and networks enables remote users to connect. VPN consists of two features Internet encryption and tunneling. This Internet VPN ensures that the information can be provided confidential and secure throughout the public space.

Enable Hardware Firewall (Router)

This will partially isolate your computers from the internet and prevent most forms of incoming attacks.

Enable Software Firewall (Windows, Mac, and 3rd-party App)

It is enabled by default in all Windows versions.  A software firewall gives you control over which applications are allowed to send outgoing traffic to the internet, thereby preventing Worms and Trojans, and other unauthorized applications from transmitting data.


Be Aware of the Nefarious Ways

Hackers can trick you into installing malicious software from websites. For example, when accessing some web pages a popup message will inform you that your system is infected and you should download and install XYZ software to remove the virus.  In this case, some companies prohibit downloading any files. Many of these are simply spyware disguised as legitimate software applications and once installed will compromise the security of your system(s).

If your system becomes extremely slow, unstable, or begins generating unfamiliar error messages this can be an indication that the system is infected.  Immediately perform a full virus scan. If no malware is detected the problem is likely due to a corrupted application or Windows operating system or hardware problem.

Make Sure Your Employees Exercise Good Computer Security Habits

Establish policies for the installation of software and surfing and downloading from the net.  Don't let your young children access your business systems – they are not for play!

Practice these tips and don't let your guard down regarding computer security.

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