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Life is incomplete without social networking and online communication, especially when it comes to well-known sites such as Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and etc. If you are living in a country with stringent Internet censorship policies, which deny access to popular sites such Facebook and Netflix, you definitely need help!

It is an undeniable fact that Netflix has changed the face of online streaming media, and movie rental service - with millions of subscribers worldwide. However, American Netflix has a better and larger library of movies and TV shows, when compared to other countries. No wonder, this affects subscribers in other countries such as the UK or Australia given their smaller catalogues as compared to the USA.

Sometimes, certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can also block/restrict access to certain websites (or remove them from the list of trusted sources) due to different reasons. This can be defined as selective internet censorship, which applies to different websites in different countries based on their state/country-level policies.

This article presents you with the various ways available to unblock Netflix to access worldwide content, as well as overcome internet censorship policies that restrict access to certain popular websites in some countries.

1. Using Smart Domain Name Server (DNS):

In simple words, a Smart DNS proxy server will collect data related to your computer's geographical location and re-route it through a computer server. This server is provided by your Smart DNS proxy server service provider, and it will be located in the region where the specific website/content is accessible.

For your easy understanding, let us consider smart DNS as a bypass route that collects and sends data via a different computer server route instead of the regular path. Installing a smart DNS is easy, and does not involve any third-party applications to be installed on your PC. Get registered for a Smart DNS proxy server service provider, change your DNS settings on your device/router, connect to a Smart DNS server, and access content from any geographical location.

Some of the best Smart DNS proxy server service providers include Getflix, Unlocator, Overplay, Unblock US, Smart DNS proxy and much more.

2. Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) service:

A VPN service masks/hides your IP address using tunneling mechanism creates anonymity and helps you connect with any server across the globe, using an IP address of your choice. A VPN service provides safety, anonymity, privacy, security and real-time encryption since no user logs/session data is stored. VPN is the safe and hassle-free way to access global content when compared to Smart DNS proxy server.

There are numerous VPN service providers to choose from, across the globe. Although the real-time encryption could lower your internet by a tad bit, if you are ready to compromise on speed for digital anonymity and privacy, then a VPN service is the right choice for you to access geo-restricted sites on your personal computer.

Some of the best VPN service providers includes VyprVPN, HideMyAss VPN and ExpressVPN.

3. Using Browser Add-ons:

Although there are several digital websites claiming that a simple and easy-to-install browser extension can help unblock Netflix from anywhere in the world, its authenticity has always been in question.

While most of them are claimed to be free extensions, there could be numerous disadvantages of the same. Internet users cannot completely rely on these browser add-ons given that it may affect PC security and privacy, as the add-ons might access sensitive content during their internet browsing sessions.

Some of the Google Chrome extensions include Blockless, Zenmate, Mediahint, Proxmate, Browsec, Betternet, Frigate, Justunblock, Hola, Stealthy, and much more.


Smart DNS is faster than a VPN service; whereas, a VPN service is safer than a Smart DNS proxy server. Now, if you are still wondering whether you need to use Smart DNS or a VPN service to unblock Netflix and other popular geo-restricted sites, here's a quick guide.

Consider you are a resident of UK, who is using the UK Netflix, but would like to access a larger catalogue from American Netflix, then Smart DNS is the right choice for you since digital anonymity is not your primary concern.

However, if you are located in a country with strict Internet Censorship, where popular sites like Netflix, Facebook and YouTube among others are blocked/unavailable, then a VPN service is the right choice as it not only provides access to global content but also helps bypass internet censorship policies without getting caught!

Disclaimer: We receive compensation when a purchase is made from the referred link on this webpage. Our recommendation is based on our research and positive feedback we received from the users who've used the services.

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