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Let's cut right to the chase: a static IP address for a business is an internet address that does not change. A static IP address, like a physical street address, can tell other computers or servers on the internet where a particular machine is situated or connected to the internet.

Many small businesses with internet-related needs might benefit from this, such as hosting a web, email, or FTP server, gaining remote access to a corporate network, or hosting a camera for video streaming and videoconferencing applications.

You may be wondering why this is relevant or even something you should be thinking about. Well, this is the guide that aims to explain everything you need to know.

So, What’s the Deal?

The vast majority of internet devices have what is known as a dynamic IP, which means it has an address that changes over time. Whenever your device connects to an ISP, or basically any internet connection, a server router, and so on, an IP address is assigned to the device to identify it. However, this address is subject to change and can change at any time.

On the other hand, a static IP is an address that will never ever change. Once it’s been designated, this is the IP this device will have for life. Some people may refer to these IP addresses as Fixed or Dedicated IPs, but they mean the same thing. The only way this IP can change is if the network infrastructure is changed.

You will typically use static IP addresses to keep equipment within your network connected and easily identifiable at all times. So many problems can occur if the IP address of something changes and you need to relink everything. It's easier just to keep the addresses the same.

Why Do You Need a Static IP?

Most often, dynamic IPS are more than suitable enough for everyday internet users, and you’ll typically never run into problems. More often than not, people won’t even know whether their internet connection is static or dynamic.

However, that’s everyday internet users, not your business. A business can seriously benefit from using a static IP and many reasons for looking into it. Of course, we’ve already explored that using static IPs can massively help when it comes to identifying your network equipment and keeping everything running smoothly once connected.

This minimizes downtime and ensures your networks and servers are up as much as possible while reducing the risk of experiencing any issues. However, the rabbit hole goes deeper than this.

A static IP address can make it considerably easier for employees to work remotely for firms that use a virtual private network (VPN) or other remote-access solution.

In terms of communication, using Audio over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for voice and video communications applications like teleconferencing is considerably easier. Using a static IP address also makes it easier for consumers and employees to discover businesses hosting any type of server, such as web servers, email servers, or other internet servers, and using DNS services.

You’ll also have access to the advantages that come with enhanced geo-location services. This means when you’re using services like weather forecasting or mapping applications, you can quickly determine the physical location of an IP address, and these services can provide more accurate data to users because they can deliver information tailored specifically to the user's exact location rather than a nearby city.

Internet Connections for the Modern Age

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have started remote working and working from home, which means more services and businesses have had to adapt their businesses to operate as well as can operate. However, when using dynamic IPs, this has created endless hours of problems for many businesses.

With this need to be flexible and to remain secure to ensure your data and information remains protected from those with malicious intent, dedicated IPs are a must. This is because when people try to connect to your servers from home, if their IP address is different, then your server won’t let them connect and access the data.

Of course, if you then start allowing devices with any old IP connection, you’re opening up the risk that anybody could connect and download your data. Instead, setting up a dedicated IP system means you never have to worry about this being a problem because you’re always going to have the same IP addresses connecting, therefore no identity issues.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Sure, there are plenty of benefits businesses can enjoy using a static IP, but are there any drawbacks or disadvantages to using one? Well, yes and no. Most people will recommend that the pros certainly outweigh the cons, but this section is so you can decide for yourself.

For example, static IPs cost more to set up, but this is a one-time purchase. Also, because the addresses don’t change, it’s so much easier for people to track down the physical location of your business because it’s always the same. You will need to make sure you have static IP protection in place.

What’s more, if you do end up being hacked, then it can be a bit of a hassle trying to change your static IP to a new one, both in terms of getting everything sorted out and making sure all your devices are compatible and connected to the updated address.

Getting a Static IP

If and when you’re ready to move ahead with your static IP, you’ll need to go ahead and get one. You’ll need to do this by getting in touch with your internet service provider and asking them to get the process started. Talk to them and get them to talk you through the process and what you need to do, and you should be set up in no time at all!

To explore your options, just get in touch and see what they can do for you!

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