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Why is social media so important today?

Social media platforms have overwhelmed modern civilization in a way no one could ever predict. The likes of Facebook and Instagram did not exist 15 years ago, but now they represent the most dominant force in digital marketing as a whole.

What makes social media so incredibly popular and important? How do they contribute to everyday living and business in the 21st-century? There are so many questions, but we have the answer for them all. Keep reading as we are about to show you why social platforms make such a big influence on people and businesses in 2021.

1. Everybody’s doing it

Human beings are simple because they tend to follow the masses and do what other people are doing. This is one of the major success factors of social media as it kind of feels like everybody else is doing it, so it would be foolish not to join the party. A report shows that nearly 4.5 billion people use social media, so the pressure of creating your own accounts on platforms like Twitter or TikTok is getting higher every day.

2. Social media enable two-way communication

Traditional media outlets are not exactly user-friendly because they are based on one-way communication. On the other side, social networks change this trend simply by enabling two-way communication among users, communities, and businesses. Everyone is free to contribute since social platforms behave as highly inclusive communication channels.

3. Personal branding is a must

Another reason why social media networks are so popular has to do with a very human characteristic – egocentrism. We all love being liked, so we present ourselves in a manner that reveals our good side. Facebook, Pinterest, and similar channels allow us to build a personal brand and impress other users with our qualities. This is more than enough to convince people to sign up and start creating digital content.

4. You can join a community of likeminded individuals

We already mentioned the inclusiveness of social media, but it’s time to do it again. Virtual communication platforms leave enough room for all sorts of communities, so you can quickly find the one that suits you and your personal or professional preferences. Social networks help you get in touch with likeminded individuals and it makes them very attractive for users who want to exchange ideas, thoughts, and experiences.

5. Visual content is in high demand

Do you know that people process visual content 60 thousand times faster than plain text? That’s how our minds function, which is exactly why Instagram and other platforms are so obsessed with visual content such as images and videos. They give exactly the kind of content the average user wants to consume. In such circumstances, it’s no surprise to see the number of social media users growing so rapidly.

6. Brands can grow a fan base and target groups

With so many persons being active online on a daily basis, businesses of all types and sizes can easily reach out and identify potential customers. They can grow a fan base and target highly specific groups of potential clients, thus helping the business thrive continuously.

7. It supports direct communication and sales

Another important detail is the fact that social media channels support one-on-one communication with customers as well as direct sales. After all, why would a company wait for anyone to visit their website when they can reach the same target audience on social networks? Facebook and other platforms proved to be genuine business boosters in the last decade and they will continue to do so in the years to come.

8. Endless possibilities for personalized marketing

According to research, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. Social platforms give companies all kinds of data about users, so it is getting easier to launch personalized campaigns targeting individual customers instead of large groups of purchasers.


The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a relatively new concept that also explains the popularity of social networking. Many users are afraid of missing out on major news about their friends and peers, so they keep coming back to their favorite platforms in order to consume every little piece of content out there.

The bottom line

Social media networks have become a major part of our daily lives because they perfectly sum the essence of the modern way of life. They provide users with speed, two-way communication, excitement, and visual content, thus creating a new kind of melting pot suitable for people on all continents. There are many factors that can explain the importance of social networks, but we selected only the most important. Do you think we missed something here? Let us know in the comments!

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