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Link building has long been a cornerstone of effective SEO, contributing significantly to a website's authority and search engine ranking. However, the traditional methods of outreach can be time-consuming and tedious. In this article, we'll explore an innovative and efficient approach to link building using AI, specifically leveraging ChatGPT and a technique known as sniper link building.

The Skyscraper Technique is a popular strategy used by SEO marketing agencies and link building developed by Brian Dean of Backlinko. It's a method used to create high-quality content that attracts links and improves a website's search engine rankings. It works in three simple steps.

  1. Research: Analyze your competitors and build up a bank of topics that are landing links and are ideal for outreach.
  2. Prospect: Create a list of the websites that have linked to your competitors.
  3. Cold email outreach: Reach out to everyone from Step 2, promoting your content and building links as a result.

Creating personalized messages is the third step in the skyscraper technique. This is what we will discuss in this article. First, we will contrast the new AI way with the old way. And, we will explain how to rapidly speed up your outreach with AI.

The Slow and Boring Way

Building backlinks the traditional way often involves manual outreach, creating personalized messages, and sending emails to website owners. While effective, this method can be slow, resource-intensive, and may not always yield high-quality links. The key is to find a smarter, faster, and better way to automate these strategies and achieve higher conversion rates.

Sniper Link Building with AI

The sniper link-building method involves finding specific sites, sending personalized messages, and following up strategically. The beauty of this approach is that it doesn't rely on email outreach; instead, it leverages social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn for direct communication.

Using ChatGPT for Automation

1. Scraping Relevant Information

Utilizing ChatGPT's Web pilot plugin, users can scrape essential information from target websites. This includes details about the website, its topics, and other relevant information that can be used to personalize outreach messages.

Step 1: Use this prompt:

"Scrape the URLs below and give me a list of specific information I could use to personalize an email outreach campaign including authors, topics, information, what they talk about, who they are, etc.

[URL 1]
[URL 2]
[URL 3]
[URL 4]
[URL 5]

2. Personalized Outreach Messages

Once the data is gathered, ChatGPT can be used to craft highly personalized outreach messages. These messages can be short, engaging, and tailored to the specific interests and content of the target website. Personalization is crucial to making the outreach stand out and increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

Step 2: Use this prompt

"Now use this to create a personalized outreach message.

The first line must be personalized to that person and obvious that you are not being generic and hook them in to keep reading. Based on this information, create a short, personalized, friendly, respectful, concise outreach email for each website, use compliments but don’t be a fanboy. Also, just 1-2 lines of personalization, maybe based on their social media, etc. Don’t just list it all out, keep it flowing like a conversation. Be specific about why you like/respect them, based on who they are and their information, etc - show that you’ve done your research. Every sentence should be on a new line. Keep the language natural, conversational, and human. Email subject lines should be personalized and short too. No exclamation marks. Include some humor, but make it very obvious - no tenuous jokes. CTA should be asking for a backlink or guest post, and offering a reciprocal link. Don’t theme the email, keep it normal/neutral. Show that you’ve done your research and include a joke in the P.S. tailored to them. Mention to them you have a similar site.”

3. Follow-Up Strategies

ChatGPT can assist in creating follow-up messages that maintain the personalized touch. Following up is essential in building relationships and increasing the chances of obtaining valuable backlinks.

Step 3: Use this prompt

"In the 2nd email follow-up, write a song about them.

In the 3rd email follow-up do a knock-knock joke about them but it must be easy and obvious to understand - the punchline must be very clear and funny. Make the joke really easy to understand."


4. Choosing the Right Platform

While email outreach is a common practice, using social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can be more effective. Messages on these platforms are often more visible and receive better responses.

The Power of Automation and Scalability:

The true strength of this approach lies in its automation capabilities. ChatGPT can rapidly gather information, generate personalized messages, and facilitate outreach on a large scale. This not only saves time but also allows for the efficient scaling of link-building efforts.


Automating link building with AI, specifically through ChatGPT, presents a revolutionary approach to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of SEO strategies. By incorporating sniper link-building techniques, businesses and marketers can streamline the process, save time, and achieve better results in obtaining high-quality backlinks. It's time to embrace the power of AI and take link-building to new heights in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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