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6 Top-Performing E-Invoicing Software For 2023

Almost all businesses today need effective invoicing solutions. An e-invoicing software makes the task of generating invoices and sending them over very simple. What’s great about software is that it fits the needs of all businesses.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can really benefit from e-invoicing software. It allows you to track your billable hours and create custom invoices within no time.

An e-invoicing software makes your client management very simple. You don’t need to juggle between multiple clients anymore and ensure faster payments. For simple invoicing needs, you may explore our free online Invoice Maker.

With the growing popularity of e-invoicing software, there are a lot of options to explore. But since it’s about managing your business well, you should choose the software that’s the best in the market. To help you out, we’ve prepared a list of the top 6 e-invoicing software for 2023.

Our Best Picks Of E-Invoicing Software For 2023

When it comes to choosing software to manage your finances, you should conduct your research first. Different software has different features. Some features that you might find in one software might not necessarily suit your needs.

But here, we are going to acquaint you with 6 best e-invoicing software that fits almost all business requirements.

1. Wave Invoicing

If you haven’t implemented e-invoicing yet and wish to give it a try, you can use Wave Invoicing to begin with. This software is entirely free and fits the needs of various businesses.

Wave invoicing also comes with an upgrade option where you can access the paid version. What makes this software one of the top software is that it allows you to create unlimited invoices. So, you can have an unlimited number of clients without worrying about how to track your expenses.

Wave Invoicing software has the feature of customization. You can create personalized invoices by adding the logos of your business. It's a great software if you want to create your invoices digitally. The only fault with this software is that you might not be able to integrate it with other software that is not related to Wave.

2. Zoho

Many small and medium-sized businesses resort to Zoho to create their invoices. It’s a professional invoicing tool that fits just right in your pocket. Zoho allows you to create recurring and one-time invoices. This software offers you a lot of convenience since it supports multiple currencies. You’ll be able to manage your expenses very easily with Zoho.

There’s also a time tracking option in Zoho which allows you to see if you’ve missed any deadlines for payments. You can also choose from several custom templates available for invoicing. Using Zoho is pretty much easy as long as you’re using it on your desktop. However, if you want to create an invoice on the go on your mobile device, this software might be a little hard to navigate!

3. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a famous and scalable accounting software that comes with a great e-invoicing feature. It lets you track your expenses and create invoices at any time. You can also create reports to get insight into your financial journey for any given period.

QuickBooks is a popular choice for most businesses because it has several features that help you streamline your accounting process. The income and expense tracking feature of this financial software is very useful for businesses to make informed decisions.

This e-invoicing software is very affordable. However, if you need to create recurring invoices, you’ll have to switch to the more expensive subscription options of the software. Cheaper plans don’t let you create recurring invoices.

4. Square

This e-invoicing software is doing really well for businesses where in-person sales take place on a large scale. It’s easy for businesses to create, send, and track invoices with Square. You can also record all your transactions in one place with this software.

Square lets you send unlimited invoices to your clientele. It also has a tipping feature where you can add tips if it’s a norm in your business. Square has a provision to help you set automated payment reminders. So, you can easily track if any of your employees haven’t cleared their payments yet.

If there are any recurring payments, you can schedule them on this e-invoicing software so that you never pass a deadline.

5. Tally Prime

TallyPrime is a comprehensive business management software that generates e-invoices instantly and prints IRN and QR codes on the invoices without manual intervention. TallyPrime directly integrates with the e-invoice portal, uploads the invoice, gets it authenticated, and receives the IRN and QR code.

With Tally Prime, you can generate invoices in bulk with QR Code Integration and it also provides e-invoice reports that give an overview of all e-invoicing tasks, such as completed, pending, and rejected.

6. Practice

If none of the above e-invoicing software fits your requirements, you can try Practice! It’s a simple tool that comes with several workflow optimization options. Practice helps you create flexible payment solutions. It helps you build better relationships with your clients as they can pay against your invoices at their convenience.

The invoices that you create using Practice look really professional and clean. This software is easy to integrate with any other software and comes with numerous features. You can get an organized record of all your transactions. It makes managing finances simple for you.

While invoicing software offers numerous advantages, there are various reasons why one may choose invoice templates over invoicing apps. Whether it is due to simplicity, flexibility, offline accessibility, or familiarity with invoice templates, using a Freelance Invoice Template is a viable option for many. Ultimately, the decision depends on the specific needs and preferences of the individual or business.


What makes an e-invoicing software worthwhile for businesses is its ease of use. There are many invoicing software that you’ll come across in the market. But not all of these software are handy. You might have a hard time even getting started with most of the invoicing software.

However, these 6 e-invoicing software are ruling the business world as of 2023. All these software come with great features that make it simple to create and send your invoices.

With e-invoicing software, you can manage your finances in the most efficient and effective manner. Above all, you can do everything electronically so you don’t need to spend time going through thick ledgers or journals.

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