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The Images To Text is an OCR tool with the robust features necessary for extracting text from images. With this, you can extract text from images, edit, and share text, among other actions.

Imagetotext Drag-and-Drop

You do not need to buy the expansive OCR tools as this web-based image-to-text converter is free to use.

Even better, Imagestotext uses top-notch AI OCR models to precisely recognize text and its language within images to ensure that you get the most accurate results.

You can expect exceptionally high-quality results, all through a user-friendly interface that doesn't require any technical background.

This review aims to highlight the pros and cons that come with this impressive software. But before we dive into the details of advantages and disadvantages, let's first break down the features of Imagestotext.

Core Features of Imagestotext

Upon rigorous testing, Imagestotext proves very straightforward and comprehensive tool that comes with the most robust and versatile features. Here are the highlight features of this wonderful tool.

1. Updated OCR Models

The heart of any OCR tool lies in the accuracy and reliability of its recognition models. Imagestotext stands out in this aspect with its integration of the latest AI-trained OCR models. The updated models promise better accuracy and reliability when converting images to text online. With rapid advancements in AI, having the most up-to-date model ensures that users receive the best possible results, minimizing errors and inaccuracies.

2. Multilingual OCR Tool

Well, the necessity of tools that can recognize and interpret multiple languages cannot be stressed enough. Imagestotext comes equipped with a multilingual OCR tool that is capable of extracting text in numerous languages. Whether your image has text in English, French, Spanish, German, or even languages like Arabic, Hindi, and Urdu, this software ensures that you get accurate translations. This makes it an invaluable tool for businesses and individuals who operate across multiple geographies.

3. Text Extraction From Multiple Image Formats

Versatility is key when dealing with varied online content. Imagestotext understands this and offers support for a plethora of image formats. Whether you're looking to convert a JPG or PNG to Word, extract text from images, or pull content from an SVG, this tool has got you covered. This flexibility ensures that you don’t need to convert your images into a specific format before using the tool, thus simplifying the extraction process.

4. Scalable Text Extraction

Size matters when it comes to images, especially when dealing with high-resolution scans or intricate designs. Imagestotext offers a scalable solution, capable of handling images both small and large. The tool can process images up to 10 MB without compromising on accuracy. This scalability ensures that users don’t have to compromise on image quality to extract text.

5. Batch Processing

Time is of the essence in today's fast-paced world. Recognizing this, Imagestotext offers a batch-processing feature, allowing users to convert up to 50 images to text simultaneously. This not only saves time but also ensures consistent results across all images, making the tool ideal for bulk tasks.

6. Extracts Distorted & Diverse Fonts

A common hurdle in text extraction from images is the variety of fonts and their possible distortions. Imagestotext showcases its prowess by efficiently recognizing text even in the most diverse fonts. Whether the text is skewed, distorted, or written in a unique font style, the software promises precise extraction. This feature is particularly useful for designers and publishers who often work with a plethora of font styles and orientations.

In summary, Imagestotext offers a range of features that cater to business professionals, a designer, or simply someone in need of quick text extraction.

Imagestotext: Pros and Cons

To make use of this OCR tool to its full potential, it's essential to weigh its strengths against its limitations. Let's have a look into the key advantages and potential shortcomings of Imagestotext.


  • High Accuracy: Thanks to its integration of the latest AI-trained OCR models, the tool promises high accuracy in text extraction, ensuring users get reliable results.
  • Multilingual Support: The software can recognize and translate text in numerous languages, making it ideal for global operations or users handling multilingual content.
  • Versatility in Image Formats: You are not confined to a specific image format. Whether it's JPG, PNG, GIF, or SVG, Imagestotext supports them all, making it convenient and user-friendly.
  • Scalability: The tool's ability to handle images up to 10 MB without compromising accuracy is commendable, catering to high-resolution images with ease.
  • Time-saving Batch Processing: For those with bulk image-to-text conversion needs, the ability to process up to 50 images simultaneously is a significant time saver.


  • Online Dependency: Being a web-based tool, it requires a stable internet connection.
  • Size Limitation: Although it supports images up to 10 MB, very high-resolution images or extensive image documents might still face size-related challenges.

Wrapping Up!

Imagestotext is undoubtedly a powerhouse in the domain of image-to-text conversion. Packed with a suite of features, from high-quality AI-driven OCR to multilingual support and batch processing, this tool is designed for precision and efficiency. Its user-friendly interface and versatility across multiple image formats make it an essential utility for diverse users.

When juxtaposed with many premium OCR tools, Imagestotext stands out not just for its robust functionalities, but also for offering these top-tier features at no cost, making it an unbeatable choice for those seeking accuracy without a price tag. For other similar tools, please review our Image-to-Text conversion tools.

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