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Employees of modern companies no longer use email as their primary communication tool. Now, everyone has switched to communicating via messengers. This speeds up communication and makes it more effective. One of the most popular options for medium-sized companies is Slack. At the same time, the developers of this solution do not stop there and integrate new functions.

An example of such a convenient innovation is AI Search by Guru. This solution allows you to optimize your search in chats and knowledge base. Let's take a closer look at this tool.

Why Corporate Messengers Are Important

Caring for the comfort of employees is a trend in the modern workspace. Over the past decade, offices have become cozy oases of productivity, where every detail is designed to make the work experience more enjoyable and efficient. However, with changing work practices, the office concept has transformed. Employees prefer the remote format since team members can work from home and be on different continents. However, the issue of employee comfort has not become less relevant.

Corporate messengers, like modern offices, are developed considering business needs. They transform the virtual workspace into a convenient and functional place for communication, collaboration, and task management. These tools become an integral part of everyday work. To ensure the most comfortable and efficient workflow, the functionality of corporate messengers is being actively modernized.

Instant Information Search

Access to up-to-date information is essential for completing tasks. Employees are often faced with a flood of data, and the ability to quickly find the information they need can save significant time and effort. Moreover, smart access to data accelerates informed decision-making and allows you to respond to changes in real time.

Corporate instant messengers with a global search function allow employees to instantly find the information they need in a vast amount of data. This function will enable you to search not only by the text of messages but also by the text of attached documents and files, as well as in personal notes. Employees can simply enter a keyword or phrase; the service will provide all the relevant results. This greatly simplifies access to information, allowing employees to quickly find the documents, discussions, and data they need without wasting time on manual searches.

The corporate messenger has become indispensable for effective communication and collaboration among remote workers. It helps you concentrate on a task, meet a deadline, and find all the necessary data to complete it.

Opportunities of AI in Messengers

Let's be honest: today, not a single company in the world can boast of a bot whose artificial intelligence is comparable to human intelligence. The maximum invested in algorithms is limited to recognizing keywords and providing reference information. Any non-standard requests bring the system to a standstill, after which it automatically switches to the operator.

Nevertheless, experts are making rosy forecasts regarding the prospects for the development of artificial intelligence in instant messengers. If their expectations are met, the new bots will be a breakthrough in the telecommunications industry, as their capabilities will significantly exceed those of all currently known communication channels.

Interestingly, the use of artificial intelligence also has a positive effect on the company's image. It is impossible to say with certainty what exactly influences the formation of a positive image in users' eyes (Elon Musk's developments, the general vector of technological development in the world, or something else). Still, the emerging trend obliges businesses to keep up with the times.

AI Search

As mentioned before, search convenience is extremely important when dealing with enormous amounts of data in work chats. This means that integrating AI instruments can significantly speed up the communication process. Thanks to this handy add-on, you no longer need to sift through hundreds of chats or close the messenger to search for the necessary information. Now, you open the search and find everything you need using keywords. However, the search area is not limited to your Slack channels. The algorithm searches an extensive knowledge base and intranet.

You might say this is nothing new since the search has been around for a long time. However, now we are talking about a completely new approach that helps discover what you are looking for by exact matches of keywords and associative patterns. Thus, the search becomes more efficient and allows you to sort information according to its importance quickly.

Benefits of AI Search

As we wrote in the previous part of the article, using AI solutions can significantly improve the work of corporate instant messengers. AI Search from Guru is a clear example of the positive features you will get.

  • Effective search. You can use keywords, questions, location, sender, etc This significantly increases the effectiveness of the tool. Sometimes, finding the message you're looking for is impossible just because you don't remember the exact wording. This is no longer a problem. The AI actually performs better, providing more scope for queries
  • Specific answer. Intelligent search can answer a question instead of dozens of links and documents that mention keywords. AI saves you time by summarizing and combining all the results into a single, accurate answer.
  • All information is in one place. You no longer need to switch between multiple applications. Now, everything you need can be found directly in Slack. This also helps save time and also allows you to search without interrupting your work. This applies not only to chats but also to other corporate information.
  • Continuously improving results. AI analyzes your search history and helps improve your search performance. The administrator can review unanswered questions at any time and consider this when eliminating gaps in the knowledge base.
  • Get answers in advance. AI can look through your chats and find potential questions in them. AI will instantly find answers in an extensive knowledge base and provide you with optimally selected information

As you can see, the capabilities of this useful tool go beyond the search we are used to. Thanks to AI, it not only better analyzes information in correspondence and the knowledge base but also formulates ready-made answers. This is very useful in the modern world of high speeds and powerful information flow.


The use of AI in work tools is gaining momentum. More and more routine operations can be transferred to neural networks and tools. The new search in Slack is an excellent example of this integration. A convenient algorithm helps you find the necessary information among numerous chats in seconds and quickly navigate the abundance of information. Of course, this is just the beginning of using AI to optimize the work of instant messengers, but it is already a significant step.

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