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Data breaches are a constant threat these days. As more companies take their operations online, opportunistic hackers lurk in wait ready to pounce on any vulnerability that may lead them to get in behind your company’s defenses, causing significant financial and reputational damage.

For HR pros, this threat is taken up a notch since they manage some of the most sensitive information held on company systems - employee data. From personal identifiers to payroll details, a breach could prove very costly. As such, if you opt to use a third-party HR software provider, you better do your research and choose a provider that prioritizes protection as much as you do.

HiBob, one of the fastest-growing HR Platforms in the world, understands this responsibility. By building comprehensive security measures right into the core of the platform, they are quickly positioning themselves as one of the most trustworthy and security-conscious platforms on the market. In this post, we will dive into some of their main security features and uncover why they are trusted by over 3,000 businesses to handle some of their most valuable data.

The Infrasture Preventing a HiBob Data Leak

Unfortunately, many companies (including HR software platforms) only scratch the surface with cybersecurity, just to try and tick off some compliance boxes and look good to customers. Of course, this is absolutely not enough in today’s fragile digital world.

HiBob does things differently— from the start, they have strived to go deep with each facet of their security profile, weaving protection into everything from architecture to operations to their own internal culture.

For them, security is utterly ingrained in their DNA. By minimizing the risk of a HiBob data leak, they can rest assured that their business relationships remain secure, allowing them to focus resources on more strategic ventures. Let's check under the hood at what upholds HiBob's data fortress:

Compliance, Certifications, and Regular Audits

HiBob doesn't just pinky promise that their platform is secure to their users. They make sure they go the extra mile by backing it up with cold hard proof in the form of certifications and audits. With certificates such as ISO 27001/018 and SOC 2, they’re showing they abide by globally trusted security standards for handling precious HR data. This verifies that they don’t just talk the talk when it comes to data security, but they walk the walk.

Encryption & Access Controls

HiBob arms all employee data with heavy-duty encryption. We are talking multiple layers of defense all working together to scramble info into nonsense code. This is done in transit, in storage, and at rest. On top of this, HiBob operates strict access controls. In other words, this means that only the people who absolutely need to access sensitive information can do so. Everybody else is locked out.

Integrations Face Intense Security Vetting

For HiBob to provide maximum value to its customers, it must provide integrations with various platforms and tools that cross over with HR operations. However, every integration potentially opens up a security risk to the HiBob platform, since they now become an endpoint into the network.

As such, HiBob scrutinizes all partners thoroughly ahead of time. Each vendor or third player application must demonstrate that they uphold the same rigorous standards, otherwise they will not be accepted onto the HiBob marketplace. Whether it’s an applicant tracking system or an employee experience tool, HiBob makes sure that they kick all the tired before they get the partnership rolling.

Instilling Security in Every Employee

The truth is, it doesn't matter how robust your security, or how innovative your defensive tools are, they can all be undermined by simple human error. Whether it be a lapse of concentration, clicking on a phishing link, logging onto an unsecure network, or even a malicious attempt to sabotage the company, insider threats pose one of the biggest challenges to a company like HiBob.

To get around this, HiBob provides all employees with security consciousness training, reinforcing best practices and showing that vigilant habits are the best way to defend against cybercrime. At the same time, it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the bunch. That's why HiBob goes even further with extensive background checks and confidentiality agreements too.

By taking the time to carry out extra due diligence while making all employees sign an NDA, the HR provider can minimize the potential impact of any incident occurring from within their own walls.

Final Word

Where other companies merely pay lip service to security, HiBob weaves it into their very essence. For them, they don’t just aim to get all of the audit and compliance boxes checked - they obsess over protection in a way that puts an absolute priority on the privacy of their customer's data. Not only does this ensure that they are safe from threats, but their customers (both current and future) feel reassured that their data is safe in their hands.

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