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Telegram client apps for Android

Nowadays with the help of messengers we correspond, learn news, listen to music, and spend a lot of time. Our messengers are basically our whole life. Sometimes messengers lack the features that users need. Then the obvious question arises, how to make up for this lack of features? You can try using client applications.

Client apps are applications available for download on different platforms that are often very similar to their main versions but have additional functionality. If you require an app like Telegram, for example, but with more functionality, you can try installing a client app. Today, we'll take a look at a few client apps available for installation on the Android platform.


The Nicegram app is a quite popular Telegram client app. With Nicegram you can unlock many features, such as unblocking chats and correspondence, viewing chats without indicating that they have been read, grouping chats by topic, forwarding messages without indicating the author's name. You will also be able to translate messages into other languages in correspondence. There is artificial intelligence within the app that allows you to correspond.

There is an innovation in the messenger for those who want to pump up their channel, it is Nicegram Hub. With its help, you can connect new subscribers, track the growth of your audience, and have an idea of traffic growth.

Telegram Aniways

This app stands out because it utilizes smart content. When you write a certain word, Aniways quickly finds the necessary emoji and gifs to replace it, which you can use in your message. Also, an interesting innovation is the fact that the app can show you bars and restaurants nearby if your correspondence talks about it.


The application is unusual in that it helps the user to systematize the messenger content. For example, there you can form a single news thread from all channels, and group chats by topic. In the application, you can also find the functions of built-in IPTV and watch TV directly in the application, listen to music, download and save tracks from channels, and form playlists. A fascinating feature will also be the fact that the user can play video games in the app itself.


This app could be used as an alternative to Snapchat. The main feature is the quick sending of video messages. One tap of a button opens the front camera and instantly records a video that can be sent to your contacts immediately. You can share the video in any chat room. You can also create albums using the folder tool, search for saved audio files, and mute a call while recording.

Graph Messenger

This is a great messenger client application for maintaining privacy in messenger. With this messenger, you can create 100 active accounts at a time, upload files from multiple sources at once, edit images directly in chat, and create auto-replies for specific contacts directly in chat. Graph Messenger also preserves your privacy with the feature to change your voice when sending voice messages. And you can also hide chats and channels, you can open them only after entering a password. The app has a special alert that notifies you when a certain person comes online.

Plus Messenger

The main feature of Plus Messenger is the flexible interface customization, in the application the user can change fonts and backgrounds, choose chat styles, and change the colors of the application design. In addition, there are themes pre-installed for the app: “Themes for Messenger Plus”. General innovations in the application are as follows: adapting the appearance of the messenger to the user, the ability to fix up to a hundred chats, customizing notifications to a specific user, and the ability to translate messages from foreign languages directly in the chat.


This is an app with a fully integrated service with your contacts. You can call your coworkers, and leave a message if they are absent. They will be able to listen to voice messages. Here's what features the messenger has: free calls, VoIP, voicemail, you can also send unlimited messages, photos, videos, and files of any type. However, it has the same interface as Telegram.


The disadvantage of this client is that there is advertising. There is also a significant plus for many people, it is a “ghost” mode when your status in the network is not visible to anyone and nowhere. Among other advantages: are support for 100 accounts, a download manager with the ability to schedule, changing the voice when sending voice messages, hiding chats with a password, displaying messages in the timeline, and displaying the history of changes in contact data. There is also the already familiar feature of notification when a certain contact is online.


This app hides ads on channels by stop words. For example, if you add the word “Subscribe to channel”, all posts containing this word will be hidden. You can also use the app to hide reactions and stories, hiding posts with external links.

Telegram X

This app is similar to the official Telegram but with the addition of unusual features. The application includes: viewing messages without notification if read, viewing videos in mugs in Telegram in good quality, and enabling automatic night mode so that the user can conveniently correspond in the evenings. In general, this is a good application with minimal differences from the official messenger.


An interesting application that will help you perform batch actions with chats (mark read, delete, etc.) and contacts, merge your messages, confirm sending audio, video messages, change interface fonts, hide chats with Telegram password protection, and log in by fingerprint, forward messages without quoting.


Client apps are such apps that have extended functionality compared to the official messenger. As you can see, client apps are developing in different directions, so each has its own features and appealing innovations. When installing a new app, pay attention to what features it has in order to be fully satisfied with the new app.

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