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Pros and Cons of Getting a MacBook

MacBook is a Macintosh laptop designed and developed by Apple. In the highly competitive market, the brand can maintain a consistent reputation by producing some of the best devices in the world. The current lineup includes the MacBook Pro (2006 to present) and MacBook Air (2008 to present).

The latest MacBooks integrates the Apple M1 system on a chip which will make these devices even more productive. Though the modern systems come with the best in class software and hardware specifications, similar to any other product, they also have a set of advantages and disadvantages.

Let's have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the MacBook to find out if they are worth buying.

Faster Performance Worth Investing

Available in Silver and Space Gray, the best thing is that these devices integrate the M1 chip from the house of Apple. This new hardware enhancement makes them the fastest devices ever. The 13 inches MacBook Pro comes with a Touch Bar and appears identical to the previous devices. But as you start working on it and become more familiar with its features and functionality, you will be able to spot the difference.

Balanced Display Is Exceptional

The True Tone technology will give a new appearance to the images as they will appear more natural on your Touch Bar and Retina Display. It uses advanced multichannel sensors for adjusting the intensity and color of the display and Touch Bar. Using the integrated light sensors, the True Tone technology can also adjust to Apple ThunderBolt Display, LG UltraFine 4k Display, and LG UltraFine 5k Display.

Storage Drive Is Decent

These laptops work at lightning-fast speed, but if you do not take care of the storage, battery, or other components, they will become sluggish over time. You will have to optimize its storage regularly to avoid seeing the macOS disk is full error. The best way to free up space on your Mac drive is to move important files and folders to iCloud storage.

Thinnest Build Is Commendable


The charging and expansion ports include two Thunderbolt or USB 4 ports that support DisplayPort, Charging, USB 4, USB 3.1 Gen 2, and Headphone. The compact size and thin profile MacBooks are highly portable, while the thin bezels offer a wider viewing area. Recycled Magnesium and Aluminum make it lighter and eco-friendly at the same.

Typing Is Faster & Effortless

The keyboard and TouchPad options are great, and you can feel a few enhancements, particularly in MacBook Pro 16". When it comes to performance, you will find your MacBook Pro, the fastest device you have ever worked on. Not just that, they are great for audio and video editing. If you are a graphics designer, it can be an ideal purchase for you.

Battery Life Needs Improvement

Then comes the battery life, and that's something you need to take care of while working on MacBooks. Though Apple has always amazed its users by incorporating exceptional features into this lineup, there are things that don't seem to turn up that well. If you can connect your MacBook to a charger for a longer duration, you would be able to handle extensive tasks. You need a charging point nearby, though.

macOS Support Is Consistent

Operating System support is well handled by Apple, and this is one of the many reasons why users prefer buying these sophisticated devices. Well, you won't find any severe issues while working on MacBooks since there are a few system crashes recorded so far. The interface is superb and self-defining, so you don't have to worry about finding things on the computer.

Security Par Excellence


Apple products are popular for a plethora of reasons, security being the top-most as the devices seem to integrate best-in-industry encryption algorithms. macOS holds more control over the system hardware, and hence the data leak instances are considerably lower. So, if your job includes the possession of sensitive business data, MacBooks are for you.

MacBooks Are Durable

The device that is built with top-notch hardware lasts for longer and stays functional for a decent time without experiencing any glitches. Though you need to invest a significant amount in MacBooks in comparison to other brands, they will give you high performance even after years due to their top-of-the-line build quality. Don't worry about the value; it doesn't drop by much.

Display Support Is Great

With all the right accessories well administered in all MacBooks, they are some of the best devices that give you high-resolution. MacBooks support up to a 6k display and can run two 4k displays simultaneously at 60 Hz frequency. You can connect external displays directly to the MacBook through Thunderbolt 3 ports.

As you can see, Apple devices fall more under the excellent section. So, as far as disadvantages are concerned, nothing major can be mentioned except high pricing, gaming restrictions, and faster battery consumption.

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