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Earlier this Summer, Sony skipped out on a traditional E3 press conference leaving fans wondering what's next on the horizon. In a rather uneventful way, Sony announced its next-generation hardware the PlayStation 5 in April 2019. We didn't get any pictures of the new console or controller. However, Sony did elaborate on the power of the system along with the new DualShock 5 controller. While the design of the hardware hasn't been shown off yet, dev kits for the system have apparently been shown off online.

Microsoft has also been quietly working on Project Scarlett. For a couple of years now, the gaming community has been speculating what the next generation of Xbox would look like. Microsoft finally lifted the veil off Project Scarlett, now known as the Xbox Series X. During the Game Awards 2019, a trailer was shown off giving us a look at the sleek new hardware and controller. The controller itself appears to look like the current controller of the Xbox One. The console was given a hard drive like design that's capable of being placed horizontally or vertically.

Now that we have some solid details on both consoles, the question remains, which will dominate? Currently, Sony's PlayStation 4 is besting Xbox One sales numbers. However, a new generation of hardware gives both companies a chance to persuade the public to purchase. Veteran gamers will want to know what's under the hardware and which system will be able to run the next generation of games. Microsoft and Sony are still keeping some secrets about their systems. What we currently know is that both consoles are touting 8K capable gaming. The specs that have been announced from both systems are rather similar.

Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 will both have SSD storage drives. The SSD storage drives will allow the new systems to load much faster than the current generation. PC gamers will be excited to know that Series X and the PS5 will have chips running that can be found in PCs. Both the Series X and PS5 will be running a custom graphics chip on AMD's latest RDNA. What this means is that each console will boast incredible graphics.

4K TV's are becoming a lot cheaper to purchase. The growth of 4K in households will no doubt grow this Holiday season. When it comes to 4K gaming, the Series X and PS5 promise a 4K resolution at 120 frames per second. One thing that's interesting is both companies are making a big statement, that each system can boast 8K resolution. We won't know exactly if this will pan out in the end.

When it comes to the controller, the Xbox Series X will have a slightly smaller design than the Xbox One controller. One feature is the Series X controller will have a share button. The share button is already available on the PS4 controller and Switch Joy-Con. The D-Pad on the Series X controller will also have a circle design that's similar to the Elite controller for the Xbox One. Microsoft will make the Xbox Series X controller compatible with Xbox One hardware and PC's.

How does this all compare to the PS5 controller? Sony appears to be creating a controller that will make games "more immersive". The DualShock 5 will have haptic feedback that will replace the rumble feature currently on the DualShock 4. It's not known how this will differ from "HD Rumble" currently on the Switch Joy-Cons. The "HD rumble" was touted as a new haptic tech by Nintendo back in 2017. New patents have also revealed that Sony is creating the DualShock 5 controller with multiple players in mind. It's an interesting approach that will no doubt go well with party games. Each controller will be able to be used by three players. However, it should be noted that this patent might not make it to the final design of the DualShock 5.

There's still a lot of unanswered questions regarding the Series X and PS5. What we do know is that both appear to be implementing PC features to entice hardcore gamers. PC computers boast stronger chips and processing power. It allows for games to look better and run faster. No doubt that Microsoft and Sony want their next-generation hardware to be as close if not possibly even better then a PC. Currently, the specs available for both consoles show a similar path for gamers. However, the hardware is just one part of winning the console wars. Sony is beginning to accrue a strong first-party lineup of franchises, At The Game Awards, Microsoft announced that they’re hard at work developing first-party titles for the Series X.

Time will tell which hardware will prove to be "the best". Judging by the specs that we have right now, it looks like the next generation of consoles will boast faster processing power and stronger graphics. This is nothing but great news for gamers that will either purchase the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. Maybe you'll purchase both systems. For now, we will wait for 2020, where both Sony and Microsoft will go full throttle in convincing gamers to purchase their new systems.

By Harey Lopez

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