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Chat GPT 3.5 : What can it do?

The ChatGPT offered by OpenAI was first developed in June 2018, and the ChatGPT 3.5 version was publicly released through the website on November 30, 2022. Based on artificial intelligence, the chatbot provides a service by answering questions, drawing from the vast amount of information available on the internet.

In addition to answering questions, the chatbot will organize and provide written answers to the questions on a wide range of topics, including professional blogs, software programs, math, medicine, and academic papers developed over several years by universities and research institutions. The ChatGPT 3.5 version, which was first released last year, provides answers based on information available on the internet until 2021, and it cannot directly connect to the internet in real-time to search for answers, such as the current weather or temperature, like mini AI devices such as Amazon's Echo or Google Mini. However, it is expected that the 4.0 version to be launched this March and future versions will be able to provide real-time answers.

If you have difficulty with English conversation, you can request documents using the chatbot. If the initial response is not satisfactory, you can also request corrections. For example, if you have poor English skills and want to request a partnership from a YouTuber, you can easily do so by asking the chatbot. The chatbot can be used for a variety of purposes, such as writing a letter, language translations, and even solving math problems.

Artificial intelligence is well-known to us from the movie Iron Man, in which the protagonist Tony Stark talks to a robot named Jarvis, as well as the movie "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" released by Steven Spielberg in 2001, in which the robot protagonist David feels emotions like a human and experiences jealousy.

The ChatGPT developed by OpenAI and majority-owned by Microsoft currently offers artificial intelligence services to everyone in the world for free. In addition, DeepMind, a subsidiary of Google, is planning to launch an artificial intelligence service called Bard in May of this year, so the era of artificial intelligence is soon approaching. DeepMind is more famous for developing AlphaGo in 2016, which played five Go games with Lee Sedol. I believe that in the future, FAANG companies, including Microsoft and Google, will provide artificial intelligence services.


The chatbot provided by ChatGPT 3.5 offers various functions, such as translating various languages, writing articles, and solving math problems. However, it cannot currently provide real-time weather forecasts, time, or news. With the release of the upcoming 4.0 version and future versions, it is expected to provide more advanced AI services.

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