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Most Popular MMOs in the USA

The US is home to many gamers, especially in the MMO market. As MMOs are a global phenomenon, it’s no surprise that many such players belong in the US regions, especially for some games developed outside the continent. We will rank these online games based on their current player populations and overall popularity in the region.

10. Destiny 2

After Bungie ended their Halo saga with a bang, they developed one of the most prolific looter shooters in the market. Destiny 2 is a first-person MMO-lite complete with all the essential content like dungeons, raids, PvP, and many socialization features. Players have fallen in love with the game for its engaging gunplay and class abilities that make Destiny 2 stand out among other first-person shooters. The game has seen its player base rise and fall, only to come back with standout expansions that revitalize its popularity.

9. Fallout 76

An unlikely entry into the list, Fallout 76 has managed to fix many of the bugs plaguing it during launch and added new content that vastly improved the experience. After the breakout success of the Fallout TV show, this MMO has seen a surge in popularity. Set in Appalachia, Fallout 76 is a fun sandbox for players wanting to live and thrive in the post-apocalyptic nuclear world of America. Fallout 76m’s ost prominent feature is its player housing system, where players can build customized homes and bases situated in the shared open-world space.

8. Warframe

No other game could let you play as a space ninja with magic like Warframe. With the game’s fast and frantic third-person gun and swordplay, Warframe has one of the finest combat loops in the market. Created by Digital Extremes, this game is a labor of love for the developers. The game has fostered a welcoming and helpful player base with the NA and international community meeting up for Tennocon. The game still sees new content drops and official support that improve the game’s combat loop and add new socialization features.

7. EVE Online

EVE Online is a space sandbox game where players can control a single ship and choose however and whoever they wish to play as, from an asteroid miner, space pirate, corporate magnate, bounty hunter, etc. The game is unique in its gameplay and systems, with its complex and iconic “spreadsheet” management. Still, the game fosters a devoted fanbase, with players even enacting galactic conflicts that have made headlines in real-life news. EVE Online has become one of the top space simulators in the market.

6. Elder Scrolls Online

A live service, multiplayer game based on one of Bethesda’s most beloved franchises, The Elder Scrolls series, ESO lets players share the experience of being in Tamriel with others. With gameplay similar to Skyrim, ESO features many known locations like Morrowind, Cyrodiil, and Skyrim while showcasing new continents with the Summerset Isles and Elsweyr. Set long before the main game series, players participate in faction wars across Tamriel to rule over Cyrodiil. With the game being a one-time purchase game with no subscription, players can continue playing ESO without fear of paying a monthly sub to continue taking part in the game’s ever-growing storyline.

5. Guild Wars 2

This classic MMO has always been one of the best MMOs for exploring and discovering the many secrets of a fascinating game world. There are many good things going on in ArenaNet’s MMO, with many activities beyond just the core PvE and PvP experience, such as fun minigames, jumping puzzles, socialization features, and more. The game is a veritable theme park with lots of rides and fun experiences. While most MMOs focus on pure core game experiences like leveling and endgame, Guild Wars 2 emphasizes the entire experience. There’s always something for both casual and hardcore players to enjoy.

4. Path of Exile

When people talk about ARPGs, many will mention Path of Exile as one of the main games to consider playing. With more than 200,000 players at peak with just Steam alone, the game has a healthy and active community that logs in to play PoE’s new leagues. As a hack-and-slash action game with lots of loot to grind, the game has a robust player-driven market. The game has a unique market system where instead of traditional gold, PoE currency is used as valuable, tradable items that upgrade or change gear. With Path of Exile 2 on the horizon, this could introduce even more people in the USA to the series’ iconic complexity and hardcore experience. Path of Exile has become so popular in the ARPG space that the game is directly compared to the Diablo franchise, the founder of modern-day isometric hack-and-slash games.

3. Old School RuneScape

Jagex’s classic MMO stands the test of time as it captivated its player base with its sandbox gameplay and let its community craft their own stories and leave their mark on the world of Gielinor. The game is known for having a vibrant, player-controlled market, where players even buy OSRS gold to improve their character’s skills further. With the game’s relatively simple visuals, OSRS is easily accessible for low-end PCs, allowing players to roleplay and tackle RuneScape’s many challenges. Even with the game’s version set in its old-school 2007 graphics and gameplay state, the game continues to receive support and new content chosen by the players for the players.

2. Final Fantasy XIV

This critically acclaimed MMO saw its realm reborn from the ashes of a disastrous launch and now continues to grow its community with its high-quality expansions. Square Enix continues to refine FFXIV’s MMO formula with content for both casual and hardcore players, making essential social features like transmog, housing, and life-skilling a blast to play with friends. For endgame players, the game continues to receive challenging content like Savage raids, Ultimate raids, and Criterion dungeons. The game even hosts live events in North America, with previous Fanfests set in Nevada and California, where the NA community gathers to celebrate upcoming expansions. Now, FFXIV has solidified itself as a strong competitor to the last game on this list.

1. World of Warcraft

It’s no surprise that World of Warcraft still remains the most popular MMO in the country. WoW is one of the original pioneers of the MMO genre and still remains one of the most enduring MMOs of all time. The game created the iconic MMO format that many other live-service games still emulate and iterate upon. Even today, the game retains a devoted and dedicated community that still plays the game, even through its rough patches. World of Warcraft caters to old and new fans with the game having two variants: Classic WoW and Retail WoW.

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