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Most Common Cyber Security Problems of 2021

All areas of life were impacted by the global epidemic last year, which also considerably increased our internet time. Additionally, companies were caught off guard by the volume and sophistication of cyber attacks that increased that year. According to Gartner, regulatory compliance and cybersecurity have risen to the top two business sector concerns due to increased risks and dangers.

The data security sector has been on high alert due to various new and growing cybersecurity risks since 2021. The data and resources of businesses, governments, and people always remain in danger due to more complex assaults using malware, fraud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Common cybersecurity problems include phishing, remote work environment, identity theft, malware attacks, system vulnerabilities, data breaches, and more. Moreover, the article highlights the reasons behind all the common cybersecurity problems of 2021.

What are Cybersecurity Problems?

A cyber assault is one that utilizes cyberspace to be launched against us (i.e., our digital gadgets). We may better understand digital weapons intended to hurt us by using the concept of cyberspace, a virtual but nonexistent realm. The attacker's motivation and the prospective impact, though, are genuine. While many cyberattacks are only minor inconveniences, some are highly dangerous and may even endanger human life.

These days, news of a significant data breach may be found easily. While hostile attacks on businesses and corporations continue, it appears that cyber security is a concept that occupies a prominent position in many people's minds.

Cyber security has become a serious concern for people, businesses, and governments. Keeping our data secure is one of the major difficulties of cyber security in a world where everything is on the web, from adorable kitten clips and our vacation journals to our credit card details. 2021 cybersecurity statistics show that 75% of cyberattacks against companies started with emails.

What are the most Common Cybersecurity Problems of 2021?

2021 has been the most dangerous year regarding cybersecurity attacks and risks. The following are the most common cybersecurity problems of 2021:

Ransomware Threats

Stealing a user's data and keeping them from accessing it until a ransom is paid are known as ransomware assaults. Attacks by ransomware are crucial for all users, but they are even more crucial for organizations that need access to the data to carry out their regular operations. However, in most ransomware assaults, the attackers try to demand additional money rather than releasing the data even after the ransom is paid.

Cloud Attacks

Today, most of us utilize cloud services for personal and business purposes. One of the challenges in commercial cyber security is the hacking of cloud platforms to steal customer data. We are all familiar with the notorious iCloud breach that made celebrity's private images public. Such an attack on company data would be extremely dangerous for the organization and possibly bring it to its knees.

Phishing Risks

Phishing is a form of social engineering assault that is frequently employed to obtain user information, such as login passwords and credit card details. In contrast to ransomware attacks, the attacker doesn't restrict the user data once they have access to it. Instead, they use it for personal gains, such as illegal money transfers and online shopping. Hackers frequently use phishing attacks because they may access the user's data without the user realizing it.

IoT Threats

Cyber security issues are growing at an unprecedented rate along with the deployment of IoT devices. Sensitive user information may be compromised due to attacks against IoT devices. One of the biggest issues in cyber security is protecting IoT devices because having access to them might allow for other nefarious assaults.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Threats

While the ordinary internet user may not understand blockchain and bitcoin, companies value these technologies greatly. Because assaults on these frameworks have the potential to harm consumer data and corporate processes, they provide significant problems for enterprises in terms of cyber security. These technologies are no longer in their infancy but have not yet developed to a sophisticated, secure degree.

AI Attacks and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques have been extremely helpful for rapid advancement in many fields, but they also have weaknesses. Criminals can carry cybercrimes and other enterprise risks using these technologies. High-value targets may be found amid a huge dataset using these methods. Attacks using AI and machine learning are a major worry in India. Due to the absence of cyber security competence in the nation, a complex attack may prove too tough to handle.

Insider Threats

There are times when an inside job occurs, even though most cyber security risks for firms are external. Employees with ulterior motives may export or leak private information to rivals or third parties. This might cause the company to suffer severe financial and reputational damage. We can avoid computer security challenges by monitoring the data and incoming and outgoing network traffic.


2021 has remained the most dangerous year for companies, governments, and individuals regarding cybersecurity threats and risks. The most common cybersecurity problems of 2021 include phishing, malware attacks, cloud attacks, ransomware, and artificial intelligence. Due to major reliance on digital infrastructure, companies and individuals always remain on cybersecurity risks. Therefore, we must remain conscious and adopt preventive measures to tackle these challenges.

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