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Guest Post is one of the most effective ways of increasing the popularity of your website and informing people about your area of specialization. However, this strategy depends on the ability to locate high-quality guest post sites. One of the best practices in relation to this is the use of search operators. This article will explore the use of search operators to identify reliable guest posting sites targeting the digital marketing domain with the keywords such as "write for us + digital marketing" and "write for us digital marketing".

Understanding Search Operators

Search operators are specific symbols and keywords next to which the search will be expanded beyond simple text search. It especially aids in narrowing down search results on the internet and isolating what one is looking for in an easier manner. For example, if you seek to find the exact phrase, you should type it in quotation marks; whereas using the minus sign (-) in it would exclude certain terms from coming up in the results.

Key Search Operators for Finding Guest Post Sites

Here are some essential search operators to help you identify high-quality guest post sites:

  • "Keyword" + "write for us": These operators are simple and tend to focus on websites that are actively seeking a guest blogger. For example, if you enter “digital marketing” as the first search string and “write for us” as the second search string you will receive websites that belong to the digital marketing niche and accept guest posts.
  • intitle:“write for us” + “keyword”: This operator locates pages having “write for us” in the title combined with your keyword. For instance, intitle:“write for us” combined with “digital marketing” targets sites that, in all likelihood, will be running a separate page for guest posts.
  • inurl:“write-for-us” + “keyword”: This search operator searches for the URLs that contain the term “write-for-us” and your relevant keyword to list out the websites with guest blogging guidelines only.
  • site:edu "write for us" + "keyword": This operator operates on educational sites and since such sites are classified as high authority sites they will be targeted. As you enter the phrase “write for us education edu” into search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yandex, you will be able to get lists of educational websites with sections that require guest postings in the field of digital marketing.
  • site:gov "write for us" + "keyword": Similarly to the previous one, this operator targets the websites of governmental institutions only. While uncommonly available, getting a guest post on a gov site is going to really help your authoritative standing.

Steps to Identify High-Quality Guest Post Sites

  • Define Your Niche and Keywords: Beginning the process, you need to determine your specialized area and find out which keywords are related. Since we will be mainly operating in the sphere of digital marketing, the two main search phrases will be “write for us + digital marketing” and “write for us digital marketing”.
  • Use Search Operators in Google: Type the search operators into Google. For example, search for "write for us + digital marketing" or intitle:combining the two search terms, “write for us” and “digital marketing”. Scan through the search results to find guest posts which we can submit on other sites.
  • Analyze Website Authority: To test the website rankings, you can use the DA of Moz or DR of Ahrefs to determine the kind of authority of those sites you push. The reputable guest post sites may have a DA score of thirty and above.
  • Evaluate Content Quality: From the websites read some of the articles that are posted on the website’s homepage. Make sure the information is coherent, related to the business, and posted frequently. Sometimes even quality sites are nearer to our niche and contain very interesting and informative material.
  • Check Engagement Levels: The best websites to target should be active in making posts and reaching out to other users. Look at the number of comments, share on social media platforms, and the total level of engagement on their posts. This means that the engagement level is high and this shows that the audience is active and interested.
  • Review Guest Post Guidelines: It is a general rule that websites with high quality have elaborated guest posting policies. These rules define how they want guest authors to write; the tone, style, quality, length, and format of the delivered content. This suggests that the more one adheres to these guidelines, the higher the probability of acceptance by the network administrator.

Examples of Using Search Operators

To illustrate how to use these search operators, let’s walk through some examples:

  • "write for us + digital marketing": This will give a list of websites that allow guest posting on digital marketing niches.
  • intitle:“write for us” along with the “digital marketing”: This helps in refining the results to websites having a page dedicated to guest posts in the field of digital marketing.
  • inurl:“write-for-us” + “digital marketing”: This returns the links that contain ‘write-for-us’ and is connected to digital marketing.
  • site:edu "write for us" + "digital marketing": It secures educational sites that allow guest posting as it provides do-follow links to digital marketing articles.


It is significant indeed to identify the right guest blogging sites to contribute to your content marketing strategies. When using search operators the use of which is illustrated by the examples “write for us + digital marketing” and “ write for us digital marketing” there are numerous excellent opportunities that one can find easily. Do not forget to evaluate the reliability, relevance, and interaction rates of all sites to get the best results from your work. With these techniques, you can intensify your Internet presence and also get relevant backlinks as well as targeted traffic to your site.

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