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Essential Tools Every Email Marketer Needs to Know About

Email marketing remains a cornerstone for any business aiming to connect with its audience more effectively. However, succeeding with your email marketing campaigns involves more than just creating compelling content and implementing a solid strategy. The success of any email marketing campaign starts with a carefully segmented audience, tools that verify email addresses to decrease bounce rates, and automation software that optimizes campaign effectiveness. Below, we list some of the essential tools every email marketer can use to streamline the different stages of an email marketing process.


Versatile and efficient, MailChimp is a top-tier choice among email marketing tools. It has many functionalities and excels at turning leads into tangible sales. MailChimp has 4 distinct pricing plans and offers scalability to all businesses, regardless of size.

MailChimp’s other notable features are:

  • Advanced segmentation tools that facilitate precise audience targeting for email campaigns
  • Automated marketing campaigns for re-engaging potential clients effortlessly
  • Real-time performance tracking that provides insights into open and click-through rates, email delivery rates, and much more to encourage refining strategies

MailChimp’s pricing plans:

  • FREE trial
  • Essentials – FREE for 1 month and then starts at $12.18/month
  • Standard – FREE for 1 month and then starts at 18.75/month
  • Premium - $328.84/month


When it comes to using the latest email design trends, Stripo is a game-changer. Its features help marketers and designers create visually impressive email campaigns. The software has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor for users to craft professional emails without coding. Without Stripo, marketers could not streamline the design process or save time.

Stripo’s most impressive features:

  • Professionally designed email templates that provide a solid foundation for building eye-catching marketing campaigns in different industries
  • Saving and reusing custom-designed content blocks like headers, call-to-action buttons, and footers to ensure brand consistency and efficiency
  • Interactive elements such as embedded videos, countdown timers, and image carousels to enhance user experience and drive action

Stripo pricing:

  • FREE trial
  • Basic - $15/month
  • Medium - $45/month
  • Pro - $95/month


One of the most versatile platforms that revolutionizes the way businesses approach recruitment and sales prospecting, SignalHire has a comprehensive suite of features. They cater to sales professionals, business owners, and recruiters alike. The most important thing you should know about SignalHire is that it provides access to verified contact data and advanced search filters that can pull bulk details of leads and prospects potentially interested in your offers.

SignalHire’s key features include:

  • One of the vastest databases of verified contacts so that users can access profiles for recruitment and sales purposes
  • Extensive contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts for each profile
  • Email finder tool enabling users to easily locate email addresses of prospects or potential candidates for direct communication and outreach purposes

SignalHire pricing:

  • FREE five searches a month
  • Emails - $49/month
  • Phone #s - $49/month
  • Emails & Phone #s - $49/month


Brevo is the ultimate email marketing platform for any expanding business. It offers comprehensive coverage of all email marketing essentials while furnishing users with a complete toolkit for marketing and sales endeavors. Each of its features helps build and execute the most comprehensive email marketing strategies.

Key features of Brevo include:

  • A user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop email editor that facilitates effortless customization and the creation of visually appealing emails
  • Access to professionally designed email templates that are fully responsive and easy to customize to suit your brand’s messaging needs and aesthetics
  • Capabilities for the most robust audience segmentation that allows targeted messaging and uses personalized email content to increase engagement and deliver results

Brevo pricing:

  • FREE trial
  • Starter - $25/month
  • Business - $65/month
  • Enterprise – Custom price


HubSpot is an all-encompassing solution that caters to every marketing need and drives sales. It has many features that accelerate sales objectives. HubSpot is a lead management and ad software that uses the most efficient pipeline management tools.

HubSpot’s array of functionalities:

  • Comprehensive marketing reports that consolidate email campaigns and social media metrics
  • Email workflows for automating tasks and sales processes to boost efficiency and productivity
  • Content optimization tools for adhering to SEO practices

HubSpot’s prices:

  • Free (limited tools)
  • Starter - $15/month/seat
  • Professional - $792/month/3 seats
  • Enterprise - $3,300/month/5 seats and $75/additional seat


Klaviyo is perfect for running online stores, as it offers the most advanced email and SMS functionalities for marketers who seek revenue growth. It offers a user-friendly editor and many ready-made responsive templates. With Klaviyo, marketers can seamlessly craft engaging campaigns.

The most special features of Klaviyo are:

  • Tracking website interactions and events to empower users to leverage data for email campaigns, segmentation, and automation
  • Organizing data into individual profiles within a CRM to facilitate deeper insights into customer behavior
  • Advanced reporting capabilities that cover every business’s needs

Klaviyo pricing is based on the number of orders placed every month:

  • For 50 maximum monthly orders - $0
  • For 250 maximum monthly orders - $25
  • For 1,000 maximum monthly orders - $90
  • For 2,000 maximum monthly orders - $175
  • For 3,500 maximum monthly orders - $300
  • For 10,000 maximum monthly orders - $500


Zoho is an email marketing powerhouse that blends stunning email templates with real-time analytics to attract a customer base and increase sales. You can use Zoho not only for email marketing but also as a suite of digital tools for automating marketing and enhancing productivity. In other words, Zoho streamlines the day-to-day operations of small businesses.

The most important Zoho features include:

  • Versatile applications that support all marketing and sales strategies
  • Interactive email campaigns, intuitive landing page builders, and forms
  • Meticulous performance tracking and insightful metrics for empowering informed decision-making

Zoho pricing:

  • Standard – EUR 15/organization/month
  • Professional – EUR 39/organization/month
  • Premium – EUR 79/organization/month
  • Elite – EUR 239/organization/month
  • All plans are available with a 14-day FREE trial.


Sailtrhu innovates through marketing automation and personalization. Its features help marketers deliver highly tailored and relevant experiences to customers, drive engagement, build loyalty, and increase revenue growth. This software has advanced personalization capabilities that businesses can use to drive long-term success in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Sailthru’s best features are:

  • Leveraging predictive analytics that anticipate customer behavior and preferences so that businesses can deliver personalized content and recommendations
  • Orchestrating marketing campaigns across many channels such as web, email, mobile, and social media for consistent messaging and maximized impact
  • Segmenting your business’s audience according to different criteria like purchase history, demographic data, and browsing behavior while automating targeted campaigns

If you want to buy Sailthru, you should first request a Demo on the tool’s official website – the tool is custom-priced.


With GetResponse, you benefit from the most comprehensive marketing platform. Its main features include landing page creation, email marketing, and marketing automation.

GetResponse’s key features encompass:

  • Consolidating different marketing functionalities to streamline workflows and provide a more efficient approach to digital marketing
  • Creating visually appealing emails with the platform’s drag-and-drop email editor
  • Advanced automation workflows that enable businesses to monitor the most intricate customer journeys

GetResponse pricing:

  • Email Marketing – EUR 13.1/month
  • Marketing Automation – EUR 44.3/month
  • Ecommerce Marketing – EUR 86.9/month

Wrapping Up

Businesses should enhance their efficiency and client expansion by leveraging the most advanced features like extensive database access or automated workflows. Using any of the tools above means evolving and navigating the complexities of modern business landscapes.

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