Easy Way to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

DIY Home automation or smart homes are the waves of the future. By doing home automation tasks yourself, you can not only save money, but you also get to choose the features and devices that best suit your needs. Plus, with a little bit of know-how, you can probably do it yourself in just a few hours.

9 Tips To Help Anyone Secure Their Data Online

In 2021, it’s more important than ever to be security-savvy when it comes to your online data – but it can also be more complicated than ever. However, it needn’t be. By following the simple tips below, you’ll reduce the risk of anyone accessing your sensitive data and greatly improve your online security.

How to Protect Your Email Account from Being Hacked

The modern world brings us a lot of benefits, yet it also requires modern solutions for all challenges it offers along the way. Just as we put a lock on our front door and set up the alarm system at home, we must also take care of our digital security as well. Although an email account is one of the oldest types of personal accounts online, they can still be attacked by hackers to be used for a variety of reasons, which include stealing your personal data and stored information, as well as getting access to your ongoing communication.

What Is Cybersecurity Compliance And How Businesses Can Get It Right

With cyberattacks on the rise against businesses this year, more attention is being paid to how businesses and organizations can protect the sensitive information they hold. This year has seen some of the largest companies become targets to massive cyberattacks like Mariott, Experian, and even The World Health Organization. Unfortunately, although cybercrime is growing steadily across the globe, most countries are yet to implement legal and regulatory frameworks addressing cybersecurity for businesses. That does not mean that there hasn’t been some progress, however. Over recent years, countries have moved to propose cybersecurity legislation and monitoring bodies. For instance, The Australian Securities and Investment Commission released a cyber resilience report. As compliance meets cybersecurity in today's digitally-driven environment, cybersecurity compliance is quickly no longer becoming an option.

5 Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategies to Get More Traffic to Your eCommerce Site

In the contemporary world, social media is the center of the shopping experience, as customers value what is shared on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. eMarketer states that 36% of people have accepted the importance of social media content in their shopping decisions.

Looking For A SEO Specialist? Why Technical SEO Audits Should Not Be Part of the Hiring Process

Technical SEO involves various enhancements to a site and server, enabling search engines to crawl and index the website more efficiently and effectively. This plays a critical role in improving the organic rankings of websites. These changes and enhancements to servers and websites can be done right away and impact Google’s ability to index and crawl the website, whether directly or indirectly. Some of the different parts of technical SEO include title tags, page titles, 301 redirects, HTTP header replies, XML sitemaps, metadata, etc.

7 Effective Mobile Content Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies center on getting your message to as large a percentage of your audience as possible. And since most people use mobile devices nowadays, creating content for mobile is an obvious attraction for business. Whether you have a small company or a large e-commerce business, optimizing your mobile content garners more return on investment. But you need to get the marketing strategy right from the get-go.

4 Ingenious Email Marketing Campaign Examples

When it comes to marketing, email has always been one of the oldest, time-tested channels used for promoting brands, products, and services. Nevertheless, though it has been used as a marketing tool for ages, there still is a certain lack of understanding of the importance of email in terms of marketing. And, there is even less understanding of how to use this tool correctly.