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Blogging is fun. It’s one of the best side hustles right now. Many people who run their blogs don’t need to find any other job. For many, it’s an excellent investment. But for others, it’s a challenging and tiring job requiring a lot of hard work, time, and consistent effort.

A few bloggers have some misconceptions about blogging. They think that writing content, whether helpful or not, is enough for them to gain success. It doesn't work that way. Bloggers must frequently post high-quality articles to impress readers and search engines.

In blogging, content, without a doubt, deserves the crown. However, many fail to understand that writing impressive words and phrases isn’t enough when it comes to content quality.

Many other things matter a lot in the blogging world, especially originality. No matter if your content is full of outstanding words, terminologies, or phrases, if it isn’t original, you won’t be able to achieve anything.

In short, originality is the most crucial thing in blogging. Today, we will talk about it. This article will enlighten you about the importance of checking the content for plagiarism. Plus, we will shed light on the best plagiarism checkers available online.

Why Bloggers Must Check Their Content for Plagiarism?

Whether you have written the entire content yourself or got assistance from others’ work, checking the content for plagiarism can always be helpful. Don't you know it is crucial? Let’s understand!

1. Protect Reputation

As a blogger, if you want people to keep returning to your site, you must build a solid reputation. That reputation will help you get more direct, organic, and referral traffic. To build that reputation, you should always create valuable, informative, and unique content.

Suppose your content has all the other qualities but lacks originality. In that case, it won’t be able to gain authority in the selected niche. In fact, even if you have an outstanding reputation, publishing stolen or duplicate content without citing the real authors can ruin it. Even if your readers don’t realize it, the search engines can quickly find it and de-rank your websites for violating their policies regarding uniqueness.

Instead of ruining your reputation, you should check for plagiarism in your content.

That’s your best defense, as a plagiarism checker can help you detect duplicate content and allow you to remove duplication and bring originality.

2. Avoid Legal consequences

You would have seen that sometimes when people steal others’ work and claim authority, the actual authors file lawsuits against them and ask them to remove those pieces of content or pay royalties. Thankfully, copyright laws are not just meant to scare content creators but also ensure that no one steals others’ creative work. If someone does it, the courts penalize content thieves.

If you don’t want others to file lawsuits against you as a blogger, it is always better to create original content. Even after that, use a reliable plagiarism detector to check if your content is 100% unique and has no copyright infringements. That’s how you can protect your reputation, so no one can raise their fingers at you.

3. Win Search Engine’s Trust

Search engines always try to satisfy their users’ needs, not bloggers. That’s why they keep updating their algorithms to show the best results to users based on their queries.

You may have observed that many black hat tricks that used to work a few years ago don’t work now. Google de-ranks websites using such tricks.

One such trick was using others’ content and claiming authority for the work. Google wants bloggers always to create original and valuable content. If the content isn’t original, Google won’t facilitate it or rank the blog anywhere near the first page. In short, plagiarized content doesn’t offer anything except harm.

Therefore, you must not compromise content and make sure that it is unique and has no instances of plagiarism. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a high reach and draw organic traffic.

4. Avoid All Types of Plagiarism

Many times, when we write the entire content ourselves, we believe it is unique and does not have a single plagiarized sentence. In most cases, it’s not true. However, sometimes, we unintentionally and unknowingly copy others’ words. Although they are not very harmful to bloggers, multiple instances of unintentional plagiarism can ruin the content.

Therefore, no matter what, using a plagiarism detector before publishing your content on your blog can be helpful. The duplicate checker can find all instances of plagiarism in no time and allow you to modify them before posting your content on your blog. That’s how it can protect your blog’s reputation and protect you from the consequences of both intentional and unintentional plagiarism.

Best Plagiarism Checkers for Bloggers

Many bloggers realize the importance of writing and publishing unique content. Therefore, they use plagiarism-checking tools to check their content. However, sometimes, they use unreliable tools that don’t provide accurate results and don’t detect plagiarism at all. Even a few show false positives. Those tools offer more harm than good. It can be helpful if you avoid using them and only trust the plagiarism detectors that are famous for their accuracy and reliability.

Here are a few of the best plagiarism checkers you can trust:

1. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is a well-known and trusted platform that provides various online utilities to its users. However, it is widely known for its online plagiarism checker. This plagiarism software is considered among the best plagiarism detection tools.

This tool neither shows false positives nor fails to detect any instances of plagiarism. If you are looking for a dependable plagiarism detector online, try it once; you will surely love it and won’t ever want to try any other tool. The cherry on top is that it’s free to use. You won't need a subscription if you only want to check one blog a day or hundreds of them.

2. Small SEO Tools

The free plagiarism checker developed by "Small SEO Tools" is also an outstanding option for finding duplicate instances in your text.

This plagiarism checker uses advanced algorithms to compare the text with billions of web pages and accurately detect all sorts of plagiarism, and that too, within a few moments.

This duplicate checker offers various outstanding features, making it the first choice of many bloggers. For instance, it allows users to upload documents in multiple formats.

Moreover, it provides downloadable plagiarism reports that bloggers and writers can use to know which portions need modifications. And most importantly, it offers 100% precision.

3. DupliChecker

This free plagiarism checker is also very famous among writers’ communities. They depend on this tool due to its accurate plagiarism reports, which many well-known organizations also trust. Although it is a free plagiarism detection tool, it is not less than any paid tool offering the same services.

Its sophisticated algorithm sets this plagiarism detector apart from the rest of the tools. DupliChecker walks with time. So it keeps its tools updated. The same is the case with its plagiarism-checking tool. Now, DupliChecker also uses AI algorithms to locate all plagiarism instances precisely. These algorithms help the tool identify paraphrased text and check for similarities. If the content is copied from a source and paraphrased by writers, this tool can trace them and help you ensure originality.

4. Plagiarism Detector

Have you ever tried "Plagiarism Detector"? Although it’s a bit lesser-known than the other names mentioned here, it’s as good and accurate as any other tool. Sometimes, you may find it much better than well-known plagiarism checkers.

This platform offers a deep-search plagiarism detection facility that helps users get the best results according to their needs. Moreover, this plagiarism checker is not only built for bloggers, freelancers, copywriters, and technical writers; students can also use it; it will satisfy all their unique needs. And lastly, like all the other tools mentioned above, it is free to use.

5. Search Engine Reports

Finally, we have the plagiarism detector by "Search Engine Reports". This quick, efficient, and dependable tool is one of the best free plagiarism detection tools available online. You can rely on this tool whenever you want to check plagiarism.

Apart from accuracy, it offers detailed plagiarism reports, assisting users to know whether they need to change the text.

The plagiarism reports offered by this platform show almost everything that users need. For instance, apart from highlighting the instances of plagiarism, it also shows the sources of the content. You can easily access those articles, compare your text with theirs, and analyze whether you must modify or ignore your content. This practice can help you make informed and accurate decisions.

Final Words

Bloggers must always write unique content to reap the fruits of their efforts. Those who don’t write original content may not get what they want. They just waste their time and effort. As a blogger, you must always check your content for plagiarism to ensure your work is credible and can get higher rankings in SERPs. However, to get the best outcome, you have to rely on trusted plagiarism checkers like the ones mentioned in this article.

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