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5 Reasons to Hide your IP Address Online

You probably never give it much thought but every single thing you do on the internet can be tracked. This should explain how ad companies can know what you have been searching for and predict what products could interest you. It is also how a website knows when to cut you from its content due to your location.

This is all made possible by your IP address. Your IP address acts like an identification number connected to your device. It tells websites the origin of your internet traffic. Some companies can keep records of your internet. The good news is you can hide your IP address and maintain privacy but why should you? Here are five reasons why you should hide your IP address when browsing the internet.

1. Stop Ad Networks From Tracking You

Many people never realize this but you actually give permission to websites like Facebook and Google to track your browsing data and serve you relevant ads. It may seem convenient to some people but many people consider it a breach of privacy. If you are not comfortable with this, you don't have to stop using these sites completely. Instead, you can mask your IP with a recommended VPN or CWPP and they can't tell the source of the searches. They give you increased visibility into your security and offer proactive threat protection.

2. Hide Your Activity From Your ISP

Similar to advertising companies, internet service providers have the capability to observe your online activities by tracking your IP address. No existing laws prohibit them from engaging in such monitoring. Since you have limited options with your ISP, your data is more vulnerable. In contrast, you retain the choice to select the ad networks you engage with.

While your data may be safe with your ISP, they could sell it to third parties even without your consent. They get to profit more from this in addition to you paying your monthly internet bill. Hiding your IP address can prevent them from tracking your data. The only thing your ISP can see when using a VPN is your connection to a network. However, they have no access to your searches and the new IP address assigned by the VPN.

3. Keep Sensitive Data Private

For individuals in professions requiring in-depth research on sensitive topics, the prospect of traceable research can be disconcerting. This encompasses professionals in law enforcement, journalism, political candidates, and similar fields. Concealing your IP address enables you to proceed with your work without the apprehension of potential consequences.

4. Protect Yourself From Government Surveillance

It is no secret that governments keep an eye on their citizens' online activity. If they don't, there is nothing to suggest they won't start doing it in the future. Even foreign governments now spy on citizens of other countries. You may not be doing anything wrong or illegal. That doesn't mean that the government should be able to see everything you do on the internet. If you are concerned about your privacy, using a VPN to mask your IP address can keep your information private.

5. Bypass Geographical Barriers

You may have a hard time accessing different websites and services if you don't live in the United States or are traveling to a different country. Some streaming services limit the content available to some countries due to copyright issues. Hiding your IP address can help you access this content without a problem by bypassing geofencing restrictions. Unlike your IP address that is linked to your location, VPN servers route your data through a different country of your choice allowing you to access their content.


Masking your IP address is more of a necessity than a matter of convenience. If your priority is maintaining the privacy of your online activities, a VPN becomes indispensable. It adeptly hides your IP address and enhances security by encrypting your data, providing an additional layer of protection.

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