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10 Digital Tools for Innovative Teachers and Students

The world we live in is technology-driven, and children are more likely to adapt to such changes than adults. Digital technologies have had a profound impact on the lives of students. Every aspect of students’ lives revolves around technology, which is completely natural. Digital tools are becoming more and more important in the classroom for this reason.

At present, there are hundreds of educational tools available in the market. These tools aim to improve the academic performance of students and develop a sense of collaboration among them. They play a vital role in facilitating the communication between teachers and students.

Providing students and teachers with these tools is crucial. As a student, you might be looking for a term paper writing service because you are weak in writing. As a teacher, you might be looking for collaboration tools to develop good relations among students. We have created a list of the ten best innovative tools that students and teachers can use to improve education.

1. Edmodo

Edmodo is one of the best tools when it comes to managing the learning process. Teachers, students, and parents all benefit from it. Edmodo allows teachers to oversee students’ progress, create groups, quizzes, assign papers, and more. You can easily connect your Google and Microsoft accounts with Edmodo. After doing this, sharing files and data will become a lot easier.

Parents can use this tool to stay current on future events, grades, and progress. Teachers can grant access to both students and their parents. As a result, parents will always know where they should focus their efforts when it comes to helping their children succeed.

2. Google Classroom

Using Google Classroom can be beneficial for students and teachers. Virtual classrooms create an experience like in real ones. Teachers can assign work, take quizzes, grade assignments, perform tests, and much more. The availability of Google Classroom on all devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. provides the participants of the learning process with a lot of flexibility.

Teachers set up classes and invite students to join via email. Students then accept the invitation. Once a student joins the class, they have access to all the materials the teacher uploads.

Furthermore, teachers can even create a class calendar with important dates to keep students updated. The teacher can provide students with insightful feedback since they have access to their ongoing work. To put it simply, this tool is a virtual classroom that you can use at any time.

3. Socrative

An education-driven app, Socrative, was developed by a team of entrepreneurs and engineers. Using mobile devices, teachers can create interactive educational exercises and games that students can engage in. Seeing the results of these activities, teachers can change their lesson details accordingly.

4. Explain Everything

Upper-class students and educators will find this tool most useful. The idea of interaction in a virtual environment is at the core of Explain Everything. This tool enables collaboration on the interactive whiteboard between students and teachers. Thus, it encourages group projects.

The software is also compatible with the following helpful programs:

  • Schoolwork;
  • Dropbox;
  • Evernote;
  • GDrive;
  • OneDrive.

The tool’s drag-and-drop functionality makes using it very easy and intuitive.

5. CollaborizeClassroom

Teachers can use this resource to flip classrooms or to support in-class instruction. Teachers can also create a learning site with the help of CollaborizeClassroom. By doing this, they can address students’ concerns and prepare them for class activities.

Through CollaborizeClassroom, which lets students work together on problems with the guidance of their instructors, teachers can access instant lesson plans and project ideas to implement in their classrooms. Teachers can also use this platform to better identify and adjust to different learning styles. For instance, they have an opportunity to incorporate audio and visual elements into their lessons and group students based on their learning patterns.

6. eduClipper

Students and teachers can share and explore references and educational materials using this platform. You can use eduClipper to collect online content and then share it with existing groups.

This offers a convenient way to manage academic content effectively, improve research methods, and keep a digital record of student progress. Also, it offers teachers the option of organizing virtual classes with their students and creating a portfolio where they can keep track of all the completed work.

7. Animoto

Students are always in search of new tools and gadgets that can make their work easy. Videos are among the most engaging media of the modern age, which is why you should definitely use them in class.

Animoto is a digital tool that enables you to create short videos and then share them with others. Easy animation is possible with Animoto. Students can make a truly engaging video by creating photo slideshows, stitching together various videos, adding text, and including more images.

8. ClassDojo

Teachers can reward students for their good behavior using ClassDojo points. As a result, students develop a more positive attitude toward learning. “Well Done, David” is one example of the real-time notifications that ClassDojo provides to students. Working collaboratively is indicated by “+1.” Through the web, parents and administrators can view the collected data regarding student behavior.

9. TED-Ed

People that are interested in generating new ideas and advancing their knowledge can use TED-Ed. Together, they can develop educational lessons. Teachers and students can use this site to simplify access to information. In this place, one can participate actively in other people’s learning processes.

10. Educreations

Teachers can use this tool as an alternative to “Explain Everything.” The interactive digital environment makes it possible for you to describe any kind of concept from anywhere. Students can be approached individually by replaying their work and learning at their own pace using the app.

11. Exam Labs

Exam Labs is a website that provides IT certification exams and practice test questions for over 1,000 exams from various vendors. For students and educators looking to enhance their IT capabilities, Exam-Labs not only boosts your technical expertise but also opens up a world of possibilities in the rapidly evolving technology industry.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, education is not limited to standard methods anymore. Digital tools give teachers wide opportunities to make their courses and lessons more effective and exciting. On the other hand, students enjoy flexibility and diversity while studying. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

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