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Summarizer Review 2024: Is It Worth it?

Summarizer is an online toolkit that provides multiple online writing tools. You can use these tools to improve and streamline different writing tasks. If you are wondering whether Summarizer is worth using or not, then look no further.

In this post, we’ll comprehensively review this toolkit. This review will provide a detailed overview of the main features of tools provided by Summarizer including pros, cons, and use cases.

A Short Overview of Summarizer

Summarizer is an online platform that offers multiple AI-based writing tools such as Text Summarizer, Paraphrase Tool, AI Essay Writer, AI Story Generator, and Conclusion Generator.

The tools provided by Summarizer leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms to ensure precise results across all its functionalities.

Whether you are a blogger, student, writer, or journalist, these tools can prove beneficial to you during writing tasks.

Different Tools Offered by Summarizer

1. AI Summarizer

The AI Text Summarizer is designed to summarize or condense provided content or writing around its actual context. When a text is passed through the text summarizer, the tool understands its context, finds the main points, and writes a summary around them.

Use Cases of AI Summarizer

You can use the Text summarizer in multiple ways such as:

  • Text summarizer can help you write summaries for your content.
  • You can write effective abstracts, extracts, introductions, and conclusions.
  • You can remove unnecessary or wordiness from the content.

Practical Use:

We summarized a blog post with the help of the AI Summarizer.

Pictorial Demo:

Summarizer Pictorial Demo


Here are the key benefits of using the Text Summary by Summarizer:

  • The tool uses advanced technology to provide accurate results.
  • Using the length slide option of the summarizer, you can adjust the summary length.
  • The tool can find the best line of your writing.
  • You can write multiple summaries by the summarizer for a single content.
  • It can summarize content pieces of different languages.


Below are some common disadvantages of using the summarizer:

  • It necessitates to provide original writing.
  • The free version supports just a single mode.
  • The quality of the summary depends on the input quality.

2. Paraphrase Tool

The paraphrasing tool by Summarizer is designed to rephrase existing content into new, and unique ones. Its working mechanism also involves the AI to understand the actual context of the input and change its wording, sentence structure, and tone.

Use Cases of Paraphrasing Tool

Here are some common use cases of the paraphrasing tool:

  • You can transform duplicate content into unique ones.
  • Use the paraphrase to turn complex writing into a simple one.
  • Marketers can use the tool for A/B testing by creating multiple versions of their writing.
  • Professionals can set the professional tone in their casual writing.

Real-Time Use:

To practically showcase the functionality of the paraphraser, we rephrased the below text by the tool.

Original Text:

“Tech is implementing many changes in our lifestyle. We are seeing continuously changing appliances, communication means, and other types of equipment due to tech advancements.”

Rephrased Text:

“Technology is bringing many changes in our way of life. We see the constant development of devices, communications, and other types of devices due to technological advancements.”

Image Showing the Paraphrasing by the Tool:

Summarizer Paraphrasing


Below are some common pros of using the Paraphrase Tool:

  • It works on advanced tech to maintain actual context.
  • The tool uses AI to remove 100% plagiarism from writing.
  • It provides four different modes to paraphrase content.
  • The tool uses trendy, simple, and engaging wording to rephrase content.
  • The tool highlights all the changes that are made during paraphrasing.


Following are a few cons of the tool:

  • Lack of human creativity and understanding
  • The free version shows ads.

3. Conclusion Generator

Conclusion Generator by Summarizer is an online tool that works to automatically write a conclusion for a provided writing piece.

Use Cases of Conclusion Generator

Here are some use cases of this tool:

  • You can use it to write conclusions for any type of content.
  • Students and writers can use it to learn effective conclusion writing.
  • Marketers can use the tool to concise their marketing copies like product descriptions.

For Example:

“We generate a conclusion for an essay with the help of the tool.”


Summarizer Conclusion Demo


  • It saves time by automating the conclusion writing process.
  • Its most recent AI tech ensures that conclusions are aligned with the actual content.
  • There are multiple upload options provided by the conclusion generator.
  • You can copy or download the conclusions generated by the tool.


  • The tool just supports a single language.
  • May sometimes provide long-form conclusions.

4. AI Story Generator

The AI Story Generator offered by Summarizer is an AI-based online tool that is designed to automatically generate stories. It can provide high-quality stories for every type of prompt or topic.

Use Cases of AI Story Generator

Here are some use cases of the tool:

  • The tool is usable for generating unique stories.
  • People can learn different kinds of stories by the tool.
  • Teachers and parents can generate educational stories for kids.

And so on…

For Instance:

“We used the tool to generate a “Classic Story” around the below-written prompt”.

Pictorial Demo:

Summarizer Story Generator Demo


  • It can help writers overcome writer’s block.
  • With the tool, you can generate stories of different creativity levels.
  • You can generate stories of different lengths such as Short, Medium, and Long.
  • It helps in brainstorming ideas and exploring new narrative possibilities.
  • The tool enables users to do rapid iteration and experimentation with different story elements.


  • The tool’s generated stories may lack emotional depth.
  • You may sometimes have to run the tool multiple times to get the expected results.

5. AI Essay Writer

AI Essay Writer of Summarizer is an online tool that functions to generate unique, high-quality essays of different types.

To generate your essay with the tool, you just need to provide the topic or keywords, select the type, and run the tool. It will use advanced technology to write an essay relevant to your provided details.

Use Cases of AI Essay Writer

In the below points, we have discussed some use cases of the essay writer:

  • Using the tool, you can collect references for your essays.
  • You can use the tool to brainstorm your ideas about the essay topic.

Practical Example:


  • As a student, you can use the essay writer to learn different types of writing.
  • You can brainstorm your ideas by creating different essays about your topic.
  • It can help you reduce the stress associated with academic writing tasks.
  • It will provide you with guidance on proper citation and referencing.


  • AI-generated essays may not be acceptable in some academic institutes.
  • The tool can generate essays in just a single language.


Summarizer is a popular and advanced AI toolkit that provides multiple online writing tools. In this post, we have reviewed all of its tools. Whether you are a writer, marketer, blogger. or student you can use these tools to improve and streamline your writing tasks.

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