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How To Boost Your Sales with Twitter

Do you want to promote your business on Twitter but don't understand the platform's algorithms? We've collected seven types of tweets that will increase sales, traffic, and brand awareness.

7 Types of Tweets To Promote Your Business

Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users. For this reason, Twitter is the most demanded platform for business, as it provides a great list of potential customers.

Have you created a business Twitter account but are having trouble promoting it successfully? Even if your post is well-thought-out, it won't be profitable without good tweets. Tweets allow you to engage, attract more customers and, as a result, boost sales. Moreover, Twitter itself mentions that their users are power shoppers, and without appropriate tweets, business people will not be able to increase brand awareness.

Therefore, we have collected seven types of tweets that can develop your business in no time. In addition to these tweets, we have collected examples. Thus, based on the results of other brands, you can independently promote your business account.

Product Placement Tweets

Did you know that over 90% of people are willing to buy products from the companies they follow on Twitter? Therefore, this is another reason why you should promote your business on this platform.

If you already have a potential audience, you can let them know you have a Twitter account and get loyal followers in no time. What can you post there to increase sales? The most effective solution is to publish information about the best-selling services and products.

Starbucks actively uses these types of tweets:

Starbucks Tweet

The company advertises seasonal drinks in its tweets and thereby encourages customers to buy from them. At the same time, Starbucks does not pressure customers and asks them to make a purchase directly. Instead, the company offers two types of drinks. This approach allows the brand to give customers control over their purchases.

Likewise, you can create similar tweets for writing services. For example, create a tweet, "write my essay for me on literature, history, geography (or any other subject)." So you let the students know that you can provide help in any direction, but they can control what topic they need help with. Note that product placement tweets are appropriate for any business line.

Product Teaser Tweets

Twitter users are committed to this platform. For example, 4 out of 10 users bought a product or service when they saw it on Twitter. That is why teaser tweets of a product are the most successful Twitter marketing strategy, as they allow you to develop new business from the very first days. Product teaser tweets create excitement and increase brand awareness.

How to create teaser product tweets that will effectively promote your business? The correct approach would be to develop a series of teaser tweets that bring new information to the masses, with the publication of each new post. Samsung Mobile is a prime example. At the beginning of its marketing campaign, the brand developed vague tweets:

Samsung Tweet

There was a massive buzz around these tweets as all Samsung fans were curious about the new product. Seeing this hype, the company started posting more hidden tweets that encouraged people to follow the brand. One day before the product launch, the company created a countdown tweet. This strategy allowed Samsung to receive over 180,000 likes and 50,000 responses.

How can you apply Samsung's strategy to your business? Every time you launch a new product, post it on your Twitter page. However, leave the riddle so that the potential client desires to wait for the project's launch.

If you want to get targeted traffic, it would be wise to display your hashtag feed on the sidebar of your platform. As a result, website visitors can learn more about the brand by visiting Twitter. It is best to use hashtags that mention your brand as they are easier to add to the sidebar.

Viral Tweets

If you do a marketing competitor analysis on Twitter, you will see that most of them are using viral tweets to boost sales. For example, half of the participants will want to learn more about your brand and buy products that fit their desires when holding a contest.

The main lesson you can learn from this strategy is that the more you open up to your audience, the more they trust you. People love to interact with a brand because it is an opportunity to be part of your family. As a result, you will get clients for years to come.

How can you use viral tweets more effectively? The answer is simple - develop tweets that allow people to join your brand in seconds. Domino's Pizza is a prime example:

Domino's Tweet

The company has created a competition where the winner can get a free pizza. To participate in the contest, a person needs to retweet the post: the more retweets a person makes, the more chances of winning a prize. As you can see, their strategy is simple but very effective - the company managed to get over 2,500 retweets.

If you are starting a new business, this is an excellent opportunity to make people talk about you. Note that you can offer a cash alternative as a prize. With this strategy, brand awareness and sales can increase more than Domino's Pizza.

Limited-Time Tweets

Do you sell out products and want to get high profits in a few days? Report any promotions, discounts, and sales on your Twitter! Plus, most people follow brands on Twitter to be the first to know about great deals, promotions, or sales. As an example, let's take a look at Wendy's tweets:

Wendy's Tweet

To boost product sales, the company launched a limited-time tweet to its Twitter followers. Each subscriber could get a 30% discount on any breakfast. Since the offer was only valid for two days, most Wendy's lovers bought the product at a bargain price and in large quantities.

Wendy's strategy was FOMO - the fear of missing something. Therefore, if your products are poorly sold, make a clearance sale. People will actively buy products because they know that this opportunity may no longer be available.

Customer Feedback Tweets

With the transition to the digital world, online sales have grown, and in most cases, reviews influence buying decisions. Over 97% of people are ready to buy products and services if the company has an excellent online reputation. Therefore, tweets with customer reviews can increase sales several times.

How can you create tweets with customer reviews? To do this, you need to track brand mention publications and make retweet reviews. For example, Smash Balloon frequently posted customer testimonials on their Twitter chronicle:

Twitter Feed

Using tweets with customer testimonials lets people know that you value each customer's attention to the brand. People who haven't shopped at your company are more likely to buy if they see other customers recommend your brand. As a result, you will increase company recognition and sales.

Tweets From Media

Have well-known or trusted publications ever written about you? If so, you have achieved a good reputation. Do not miss the opportunity to declare your brand as a successful company. Tweet any media mentions of your brand, and you will be able to prove how valuable the company is to society.

In addition, you can increase customer confidence in the brand and build excellent relationships. What is most appreciated are the sayings about your branding from leaders in your field. A prime example is Syed Balkhi featuring Smash Balloon on Twitter:

Media Tweet

Twitter users also trust The New York Times, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue. Yes, capturing the attention of such magazine giants is not easy. Yet if these brands mention you on Twitter as a successful company, you will get ads that no other agency can provide - millions of readers will want to collaborate with you.

User Engagement Tweets

Customers want to be heard, comments are taken into account, and companies quickly implemented the change. Over 40% of Twitter users expect companies to respond to user requests on social media within one hour. That is why answering customer questions or wishes on social media is an effective method of engaging people in a brand and increasing sales.

Keep track of customer requests every day and respond to them promptly. Don't repeat the mistake Instagram - the company has a poor support service that can answer people's inquiries after a week, a month, or a year. Fast response lets customers know that you are ready to support them at any moment and solve the problem.

Note that you can respond not only to negative customer tweets but also to respond to positive reviews. Let's take a WPBeginner account as an example:

User Engagement Tweet

The client will be pleased that you visited his profile and thanked him. Also, try to more correctly and accurately respond to negative comments. Your hater may continue to look for brand flaws, but adequate users will appreciate your correct approach to the situation.

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