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Plagiarism is the number 1 enemy of all writers. Any content with plagiarism appears unauthentic and incapable of leaving its mark. In the academic realm, plagiarized work has no respect. The plenty of which can range from a ZERO in assignment to legal battles, depending upon the severity of your crime.

Similarly, in the blogging and online marketing world, plagiarized content gets low ranks, fewer reviews, and minimum appreciation. The search engine and audience prefer the original work. So, to be a successful writer, you must use a credible plagiarism checker tool to remove any duplication from your work.

Currently, there are two standout plagiarism checkers available on the internet; Grammarly and Both tools compare your writings against billions of articles to find out the plagiarism in your work. This article compares both tools against each other to see which tool is best for you. Here we go.


Grammarly is the world's most popular writing assistant. Be it academic or professional writing, it is capable of improving your content. The software uses cutting-edge AI modules to improve language & sentence structure and remove plagiarism from content.

Grammarly Main Interface

Thanks to its multi-dimensional features, Grammarly has become a permanent feature of every writer’s toolkit. It allows you to edit the content based on audience (general, knowledgeable, expert), formality (informal, neutral, formal), Domain, and intent of writing. However, here we will focus on its plagiarism-checking feature alone.

Critical Review of Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checking Feature

Grammarly's plagiarism checker aims to find duplication in any input content. It provides quick results with little to no hiccups. However, to check its quality, we will analyze it on these factors:

1. Ability to detect Plagiarism

Grammarly plagiarism checker generally offers a lesser plagiarism percentage than its peers. This is due to Grammarly’s lenient checking criteria. The software doesn’t go deep into finding plagiarism. You can bypass its detection with slight editing or paraphrasing.

2. Quality of Highlighted Matches

The checker is brilliant at finding the right sources. Whenever you perform a plagiarism detection exercise, it manages to find the primary source URL. However, it only highlights the particular set of words and partial paragraphs while ignoring the fillers.

3. Usability

The feature is brilliant for light content. If you are writing for the web with average editing software, you can depend upon Grammarly’s plagiarism checker percentage. However, for professional academic journals or university work, you shouldn’t trust it.

4. Data Security

Grammarly provides 100% data security. It doesn’t store, sell, or share any uploaded information. You can check any critical or personal information with this tool with complete peace of mind. The data integrity policy is very transparent.

5. Linguistic Prowess

Grammarly only supports the English language, which is a huge drawback. You cannot check plagiarism for any other language content.

Other Key Features of Grammarly

The other key features of Grammarly are as follows:

1. Overall Content Score

Grammarly provides an overall content rating of each article. This rating is based on grammatical accuracy, sentence structure, writing style, and your content goals. A good writer always aims for a 90+ Grammarly score. This rating is well respected in the writing world.

2. Readability/Engagement

Grammarly gives suggestions to make your work engaging and readable. The suggestions include changes in words, pronouns, phrases, and sentences. It focuses on removing passive voices and indirect sentences.

3. Generative AI

The generative AI feature allows writers to use AI for writing. You can search for any topic and find new ideas for content. It can create content outlines, paragraphs, and complete blogs as well.


The price comes in two modes: Premium and Business plan. The premium costs $12/per month and while business is available $15/month. The choice depends upon your requirements.

Grammarly Pricing

Plagiarismchecker stands out as a highly praised tool for detecting plagiarism. The software’s algorithm has been designed to detect any duplication with ease. It can verify every sentence and phrase from uploaded content.

Plagiarismchecker Main Interface

The software is equally good for academic and non-academic work. The makers claim that you can publish Plagiarismchecker-reviewed content on any credible publishing. The software verifies the content against a huge database which includes the following:

Plagiarismchecker Main Interface

Critical Review of Plagiarismchecker’s Plagiarism Checking Feature

Let’s judge its plagiarism checker feature on our criteria:

1. Ability to detect Plagiarism

Plagiarismchecker can dig deep to find any direct or indirect plagiarism. The advanced models allow it to investigate at the micro level. This is why for a given content, you will get a higher plagiarism percentage from Plagiarismchecker as compared to other tools.

2. Quality of Highlighted Matches

The quality of highlighted matches is off the charts. It always finds the right primary source material for any duplication. It highlights the entire paragraph, so you can get the complete picture.

3. Usability

The feature has multi-dimensional applications. You can use it to review academic writing, blogging, columns, advertisements, and social media content. If data passes the test, it can be posted anywhere on the web.

4. Data Security

The data security is excellent. It doesn't store, sell, or share any content. So, you can freely upload any information for plagiarism checking.

5. Linguistic Prowess

The software supports 27 major languages of the world. You can check plagiarism in native language content with it. This feature makes Plagiarismchecker a global solution for plagiarism detection.

Other Key Features of Plagiarismchecker

The other key features are as follows:

1. Paraphraser

It also has a built-in paraphrase, which can rewrite any selected paragraph or article. By using this tool, you can rewrite a plagiarized passage and make it 100% unique. This feature is also capable of making multiple paraphrasing copies of a selected paragraph.

2. AI Detector

Plagiarismchecker also has an AI Detector feature. Some people write unique content with AI tools. By using this feature, you can differentiate between human and AI-generated content.

3. AI Bypasser

This feature adds a human element to the content. By using this feature, your content can bypass average AI detection tools.


It is available in 3 modes; Starter, Professional, and Agency mode. They cost $5/per month, $10 per month, and $100 per month.

Plagiarismchecker Pricing

Overall Summary

Here is a summary of the plagiarism-checking features of Grammarly and Plagiarismchecker:

Comparison CriteriaGrammarlyPlagiarismchecker
Ability to detect Plagiarism •Offers low plagiarism %
•Easy to escape the check
•Offers higher plagiarism %
•Difficult escape the check
Quality of Highlighted Matches •Can highlight the primary sources •Can highlight the primary sources
Usability •Only Good for avg website content •Ideal for academic and professional publishing
Data Security •100% Data security
•well-defined data integrity policy
•100% Data security
Linguistic Prowess •Only Supports English •Supports 27 languages


Grammarly and Plagiarismchecker offer very credible plagiarism-checking features. They can find the content duplication and highlight the main source with ease. This blog presents a critical review of both features.

We have analyzed both tools based on five factors; ability to detect plagiarism, quality of highlighted matches, usability, data security, and linguistic prowess. Based on our analysis, Plagiarismchecker is a clear winner thanks to its cutting-edge technology and attention to finer details.

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