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Codefinity is an online learning platform for new developers. It offers a lot of courses on web development, data science, data analytics, and SQL. It also gives assignments to the learners, like hands-on projects and practical challenges. It also offers code runners through which students can run their code and check their output. Codefinity helps you to boost your programming skills and increase your knowledge. In this Codefinity review, we will talk about its complete features, premium plans, and much more.

Codefinity Features

Here we discuss the few important features of Codefinity that must be known if anyone wants to start learning from it.

  • It covers a wide range of topics on coding foundations, data manipulation, data analytics, data visualization, data science, probability & statistics, computer science, programming, machine learning, and web development. It gives complete information on them.
  • It also offers courses in these programming languages: Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java, React, C, and C++.
  • It builds learning tracks for beginners, through which they can learn and understand the coding very easily.
  • It also gives practical projects to its students, through which they can test their skills.
  • With Codefinty, students can also run their programs in the browser without installing any software.
  • One of the best features is its instant feedback. Users can get feedback on their codes and their mistakes, which is very helpful for them.
  • There is a community of Codefinity with 1.5 million learners. In this community, beginners get support from other students and mentors to improve their skills.

How do you start with Codefinity?

To start using codefinity, you will need a login account. Here is the complete tutorial of its login process.

1. First, you have to open the Codefinity website and click on the login button at the top right.

Codefinity Signup

2. You have an option to continue with Google or Facebook account.

Codefinity Login

3. Once you signup and login, you can see the dashboard of codefinity.

Codefinity Dashboard

Free and premium Versions of codefinty

Codefinty is not free to use. It has monthly premium plans, but it also offers a free trial of 14 days on the first sign-up. The most important part of this Codefinity review is the comparison between the free and premium plans. We discuss both of them below.

Free Version

In the free version of Codefinity you can access the following features.

  • There are a few courses in Python, HTML/CSS, React, Java, SQL, and more. Through this, you can get the most basic knowledge about them.
  • It provides you with an unlimited code runner through which you can run your code in the browser.
  • It also checks your code and points out the mistakes but at a small level.
  • In the free version, it also gives you a rating on your code according to the reviews of other people.

The free version is only for beginners who have zero knowledge about coding.

Premium version

In the premium version of Codefinity, you can access these unlimited features.

  • Access almost all courses on every topic such as coding foundations, data manipulation, data analytics, data visualization, data science, probability & statistics, computer science, programming, machine learning, and web development. You can gain the whole knowledge on these topics through these courses.
  • Access the unlimited practical challenges through which you can test your skills and improve them by getting feedback on your code.
  • If you're a user of the premium version, Codefinty also gives you a certificate when you complete the course.
  • You can also access the Codedfinity community, where you can communicate with other people and share your ideas with them. You can also get help from them if you find problems with your code.


Codefinity emerges as a robust online learning platform catering to the needs of budding developers. With a comprehensive array of courses covering various domains such as web development, data science, and SQL, it offers a structured pathway for learners to enhance their programming skills.

The platform's emphasis on practical projects and hands-on challenges ensures that students can apply theoretical knowledge effectively. Noteworthy features like code runners and instant feedback contribute to a conducive learning environment. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive curriculum, Codefinity proves to be a commendable choice for individuals looking to embark on their journey into the world of programming.

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