What is a drip marketing?

Drip marketing is a marketing automation program used to nurture leads through email marketing, and acquire new customers. It involves sending a series of pre-built emails over a period of time to nurture prospects and build a brand. By sending multiple emails to the same prospects, your prospects will become familiar with your brand and bring them back into a sales funnel.

What is a VLAN?

A VLAN is a logical partition of a physical LAN into virtual segments. By dividing a physical LAN into virtual networks, network administrators can group devices together according to their traffic characteristics. Not all devices in the same LAN need to communicate with each other and by segmenting a physical network into logical groups, resources available within a VLAN can only be shared amongst devices contained within.

HTTP Status Codes

When a browser requests a webpage, the server returns the response with an HTTP status code. Regardless of whether the server fulfills your request, the server will always return a status code to indicate the response was successful. If the server fails to return a response, the status code will indicate why it failed. The HTTP Status Code is returned as a part of the HTTP response header from the webserver.

What is a browser's user agent?

A user agent is a string sent to the webserver when a page is requested by a browser. User Agent is a request header that is included with other HTTP headers and sent by the browser to identify itself which operating system and type of browser it is. The user agent is sent with every HTTP request it makes to a web server. Each browser provides a built-in user agent string when making a request, but this string can be changed by a user.

How do you find a saved Wi-Fi password?

We've learned that SSID is the network name, and we use this name to know which wireless network we're connecting to. If you've established a connection previously, your computers and smart devices have saved the password in some location for later use. Next time you need a wireless connection, the device will automatically connect to the network it has connected to before. If you can't recall the WiFi password of your router, there are ways to find the password as they are stored in your Windows, macOS, and smartphones.

Demystifying Zero-Click Attacks

We often hear protecting our online privacy requires us to follow security hygiene and beware of phishing and link baits and do not click on suspicious links from untrusted sources and follow best security practices. We also hear that we need to protect our online accounts with strong passwords and 2FA. Keeping up with the latest software patches, installing anti-virus and anti-malware software are all good practices to protect your devices.

What are data breaches?

In a recent data breach discovered by the Accellion incident, many of its clients including Kroger, Washington State Auditor, Jones Day customers are affected. Data breaches are not unusual, and it often happens to the largest companies in the world. The scale of data breaches has grown in recent years, and millions and even billions of people are affected by connected incidents. The data breaches occur from hacking and software vulnerabilities, and nothing is invincible from attacks and leaks

How to find someone's email address?

As a marketer, sometimes you may need to send a cold email for partnership, collaboration or simple connection to build a relationship. The key to success in cold emailing is finding the right contact's email address. You may dig through the corporate website or research social media, but the person you need to reach out may be difficult to find. Sending an email to a blind person will not get any job done as it will be ignored.

What are Mobile Advertising IDs (MAID)?

Consumers not only use websites but also use mobile apps for various social media and gaming activities. For app developers to monetize their work, they often publish advertisements offered through Apple, Google, and Facebook among others. Unlike websites, mobile apps do not use cookies and there has to be another way to track user activities. This is where Mobile Advertising ID (MAID) comes in, and it allows advertisers to collect information about mobile users.