Where is Geolocation of an IP Address?

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Here are the results from a few Geolocation providers. Is the data shown below not accurate enough? Please read geolocation accuracy info to learn why.

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Geolocation data from IP2Location (Product: DB6, updated on 2022-7-1)

IP AddressCountryRegionCity Ile-de-FranceAubervilliers
LNPUT657 PuteauxNot Available 48.91672.3833

Geolocation data from ipinfo.io (Product: API, real-time)

IP AddressCountryRegionCity Île-de-FranceParis
Orange S.A.LNPUT657 Puteaux (orange.fr) 48.85342.3488

Geolocation data from DB-IP (Product: API, real-time )

IP AddressCountryRegionCity Grand EstBlotzheim
France TelecomNot Available 47.60267.49654

Geolocation data from IPregistry.co (Product: API, real-time)

IP AddressCountryRegionCity🇫🇷
Orange S.A.Lnput657 Puteaux

Geolocation data from IPGeolocation.io (Product: API, real-time)

IP AddressCountryRegionCity Ile-de-FrancePuteaux
Orange S.A.Orange S.A. 48.882642.24024

Geolocation data from IPapi.co (Product: API, real-time)

IP AddressCountryRegionCity Grand EstBlotzheim
OrangeOrange 47.60467.4956

Geolocation data from IPAPI (Product: API, real-time)

IP AddressCountryRegionCity France🇫🇷 Île-de-France Aubervilliers
Orange s.A. Not Available 48.914821624756 2.3812100887299

Geolocation data from ipdata.co (Product: API, real-time)

IP AddressCountryRegionCity Grand EstColmar
Orange S.A.Not Available 48.08357.3531

IP-Based Geolocation Accuracy

The Geolocation lookup tool provided on this page is an estimate of where the IP address may be located. The data come from a few IP-Based Geolocation providers, and their accuracy varies depending on how quickly they update their database when changes occur. Since many Internet users are getting their dynamic IP address from their ISP, and most ISPs serve their customers in multiple regions causing Geolocation lookup to be accurate to the region they serve. For example, AT&T in the United States serve their customers in entire USA and the accuracy may be limited to the Country level. Other ISPs may be serving smaller areas, and some ISPs create subnetworks to serve their customers in smaller regions. For this reason, the IP-based Geolocation will be about 99% accurate at the country level while the accuracy of State and City may be at much less accurate level somewhere around 50% range.

For more information about Geolocation Accuracy, please read How accurate is IP-based Geolocation lookup?