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13 Gadgets That Pro Gamers Should Have

One of the best ways to de-stress after a long day is to play PC games. Gaming can be a fun activity or an income-generating career if you choose to go professional. Becoming a pro gamer is never easy; you need to invest in the best accessories and put your time into it.

The gadgets and equipment you use can determine your gaming experience. Although you may have the basics, i.e., keyboard and mouse, they won’t help you make any meaningful progress. You will need other gaming gears to improve your gameplay and become a pro.

The gadgets you buy have to be ergonomic and high quality. You also need good lighting. This adds fun and ambiance to the gaming experience. We have done the heavy lifting for you by finding and writing about the must-have gaming accessories in this article.

Let’s get started.

1. Gaming Headsets

PC games also help us connect with friends and other people from all over the world. Gaming headsets are an essential accessory for every pro gamer looking to enhance their experience. Ideal gaming headsets should be rich in sound quality, be customizable, and made with superior quality.

Gaming headsets help prevent distractions with their noise-canceling features. They also make it possible to play at night without disturbing other people’s sleep. The best headsets also come with a microphone that makes communication with other gamers seamless.

2. An External Hard Drive

Video games are fun until you purchase a new one and run short of storage. It is vital to remember that most PC games consume tons of space. Your PC alone may not have sufficient storage to store all of your favorite games. As a pro gamer, the best thing to do is invest in external hard drives.

An external hard drive will help you avoid storage inconveniences. The best thing is that PCs and most gaming consoles support external hard drives. Investing in one also makes it easy to travel with the games and enjoy playing them anytime whenever you find a good PC.

3. A Set of Wi-Fi Routers

Playing PC games online requires a strong Internet connection. Slow or poor internet can affect image quality or disconnect you from the game unexpectedly. As a pro gamer, your competitor may have an advantage over you if your internet keeps dropping as you play.

The best solution to this is investing in a good set of Wi-Fi routers or Wi-Fi Mesh Systems. That will help to create a consistently strong internet connection in your home throughout. You should consider a set of Wi-Fi routers with enough strength to cover your entire home.

4. A High-Resolution Monitor

You need a high-resolution monitor to experience a game’s graphics fully. There are several monitors out there built specifically for PC gaming. An ideal monitor should have excellent image quality and enough HDMI and display ports. That makes it easy to connect multiple consoles and PCs to it.

The best 5k monitors in the market that support high dynamic range (HDR) technology are a great pick. They provide impressive response times and reduce the amount of lag. Some also come with ambient light sensors that make them easy on the user’s eyes at night. A good monitor can make a massive difference in your gaming experience.

5. A Controller Charging Station

Every pro-gamer needs a charging station for their controllers. An ideal charging station should help you charge several controllers in one go. Investing in a top-quality charging station lets you avoid inconveniences that happen when you want to play, but all your controllers are dead.

You need to consider quality when investing in a controller charging station because they also experience issues. It also needs to be as close as possible to where you’re playing. This makes it easy to charge your controllers as you play and avoid unnecessary interruptions.

6. Gaming Keyboard

A gaming PC is a necessity for a pro gamer. Regular keyboards work well but won’t deliver the experience you’re looking for as a gamer.

As a pro looking to enhance their expertise and improve performances, you need to invest in a top-quality gaming keyboard. It will give you the desired accuracy and features.

Gaming keyboards also have superior quality and are therefore durable. They are customizable and have good light settings which enhance the gaming experience at night. Gaming keyboards also produce minimal noise and won’t disturb other people. Take your time to find a keyboard that will give you a great experience.

7. Customizable Smart Lighting

Smart lights take your gaming experience a notch higher. You can attach smart lighting anywhere in your home as it comes with mounting gear. Attaching it behind or on top of your monitor will add some color to your space. You can also consider under your desk depending on the type of lighting you purchase.

It would be best if you considered customizable lighting, especially one that comes with a controller app. It is also best to consider battery-powered smart lights. That will help you avoid the need to keep the smart light connected to a power source all the time. Such lighting can help you create a unique gaming environment.

8. A 1080p Webcam

Most pro gamers are making a lot of money from YouTube. You can stream your gaming sessions on the platform or teach upcoming gamers on YouTube and other social channels. But then, you will need to invest in an external 1080P webcam for the best video quality.

Webcams come in different designs, but one that can sit on top of your monitor is an excellent pick. It needs to be flexible so that you can tilt it to your desired angle. It can also help you network with other gamers during times when you’re not playing.

9. An Ergonomic Mouse

A high-performance gaming mouse is a vital addition to your gaming gears. You need to buy one that has pinpoint precision by quickly tracking every movement you make. Fast-paced games need high-precision mice; otherwise, you may not get the experience you desire in the end.

The switches also need to be functional with springs so that your PC recognizes every click. Choose a mouse that you can program, and make the colors match your keyboard’s. An ergonomic design mouse will also be comfortable, reduce resistance and fatigue at the end of the day.

10. Stereo Speakers

Headsets are a great addition to your gaming gear, but you shouldn’t stop there. You can also invest in a quality pair of stereo speakers to enhance your gaming experience. One thing to consider when choosing a pair of stereo speakers is their sound quality.

It would be best if you also looked for a flexible pair of speakers. That will allow you to tilt them properly so that the sound gets directed to your face. Speakers that connect to your PC using a cable and Bluetooth are excellent picks here. The volume controls should be easy to access so that you can adjust them as you play.

11. A Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Most pro gamers know how to use a keyboard and a mouse to play different games. But then, a controller enhances your overall experience when you’re playing a game designed to be played with controllers.

A Bluetooth controller will be a good pick because of its easy connectivity. Controllers come with long-lasting rechargeable batteries with a full charge that takes you up to 30 hours. Choosing the best controller will give you the performance and comfort you desire.

12. A 4K TV

As a pro gamer, you also need to invest in a gaming television. There are different types of TVs, and a regular TV may not work well with you as a gamer. The best thing to do is go for a 4K TV that will give you high-quality images, making your overall gaming experience better.

4K TVs also feature HDR and low latency modes that make them produce quality pictures. You also get a fantastic refresh rate and different screen size ranges. Avid players love big screens; thus, you can consider buying a 48-inch or more 4K TV for the best gaming experience.


Every skilled gamer needs the right gaming gear to enjoy what they do. Your gaming experience depends on the type of accessories you have. Consider quality in everything, from monitors to keyboards and mice.

Don’t be afraid to add any other accessories that you think will enhance your experience.

As a pro gamer, you may spend a lot of time doing what you love online. Therefore, it would be best if you went ergonomic on everything you buy for the best experience. Your mouse should reduce hand strain and have rubber that makes it difficult to slip. You can even go further by buying an ergonomic chair for comfort.

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